JOYBA Bubble Tea Partners with Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation for New Campaign

JOYBA bubble tea launched a "Real Tea, Real Talk" campaign that – in partnership with Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation and other influencers – is raising awareness about mental health support for youth and equipping them with tools to support each other.

JOYBA, a brand of ready-to-drink bubble tea with playful popping boba, believes in the power of bringing joy to everyday life and that mental health support is a critical part of cultivating joy.

“JOYBA is all about celebrating joy in small everyday moments,” said Maggie Streng, brand manager of JOYBA. “So many people love bubble tea because it's tasty and refreshing, and the simple act of enjoying the bubble tea experience together gives us an opportunity to connect and share meaningful moments with others. We are excited to help young people access that joy and connection anytime, anywhere, by partnering with Born This Way Foundation to raise awareness for their work to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.”

To launch "Real Tea, Real Talk," JOYBA is bringing awareness to Born This Way Foundation's initiative to uplift peer-to-peer support by encouraging individuals to earn their “Be There Certificate.” This free online mental health course, created by in partnership with Born This Way Foundation, provides individuals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to safely support their peers, including how to recognize signs of a mental health struggle and how to start the conversation.

JOYBA and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation
(Photo: Courtesy of JOYBA Bubble Tea)

According to research, young people go to their friends first to discuss concerns like stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness, but 50 percent believe their problems can burden their friends (see footnote 1). When young people have proper training, however, both participants report a greater sense of wellbeing after connecting through these real conversations.

“We are grateful for JOYBA's support as we model healthy conversations about mental health and connect young people with resources and services," said Josh Meredith, chief of staff at Born This Way Foundation. “Cultivating connections and fostering a sense of belonging are essential for the well-being of both young individuals and society at large. I'm proud that despite ongoing challenges, the younger generations are building empathetic online communities and creating connection within safe spaces – be it schools, workplaces or beyond.”

Additionally, JOYBA bubble tea is also partnering with actress Antonia Gentry, star of hit Netflix series “Ginny and Georgia,” to raise awareness of the JOYBA partnership with Born This Way Foundation and the peer-to-peer mental health resources they provide, while highlighting the importance of bringing joy to everyday life, even if it's as simple as sharing a moment over their favorite bubble tea.

Gentry noted, “I've learned that it's okay to ask for help and focus on what brings you joy, no matter how seemingly ordinary. Through this partnership with JOYBA bubble tea, a brand I love, I want more people to know they can be honest with their friends, be vocal about asking for help, and be able to step up to support each other.”

JOYBA and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation
Netflix star Antonia Gentry (Photo: Courtesy of JOYBA Bubble Tea)

JOYBA bubble tea said it’s proud to promote real peer-to-peer conversations for all young people, starting with LGBTQ+ youth. As part of this June launch, JOYBA is donating $25,000 to Born This Way Foundations' Pride Fund with CenterLink to support LGBTQ+ youth mental health.

Born This Way Foundation's research shows that despite the ongoing threats to their livelihood, LGBTQ+ young people are creating kind communities online and would like to feel connected to safe communities at school, in the workplace, and beyond (see footnote 2). In 2022, 60 percent of LGBTQ+ youth who wanted mental health care were not able to get it, and the Pride Fund will help ensure that more LGBTQ+ youth will have access to critical resources in support of their mental health (see footnote 3). 

To learn more about JOYBA products and the "Real Tea, Real Talk" campaign, as well as the “Be There Certificate,” visit

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