Kataoka & Co. Unveils Matcha Direct, a New Ground-to-Order Matcha Delivery Service

Kataoka & Co., Ltd., a Japanese matcha business, has created a new way to deliver freshly ground matcha directly to customers in the United States using DHL. The new service, called Matcha Direct, began in February 2023.

Kataoka & Co. is well-known in Japan for its matcha, other businesses and innovation. Their new brand, Matcha Direct, is an e-commerce service that allows customers to order ground-to-order fresh matcha from a tea factory in Kyoto. This means that from the moment Marcha Direct receives a customer order, they make the matcha. It’s available for both home and professional use.

As matcha quality is affected by the passage of time after production, the company noted that it’s been hesitant to offer matcha to customers outside of Japan. However, Matcha Direct can ship freshly ground, high-quality matcha tea from its factory in Kyoto in as little as three business days, thanks to its infrastructure for cross-border e-commerce via air transportation.

With the new service, customers in the United States can enjoy the original flavor of matcha, unaffected by oxidation and so fresh, something that many tea connoisseurs may not have experienced yet – per the company.

Kataoka & Co. is a Japanese trader, producer and distributor of food and beverages. Since its establishment in 1960, the company has dedicated itself to promoting and advancing food culture by developing commercial products that have the potential to create new markets.

By constantly innovating and pushing boundaries, the business hopes to positively impact the food industry and contribute to the growth of the culinary world.

To learn more about Kataoka & Co., Kataoka.com.

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