Yerbaé Offers Blend of Yerba Mate and White Tea, Partners with CrossFit Games Champ

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Yerbaé Brands Corp., a plant-based energy beverage company, is excited to continue its partnership with world-renowned athlete and CrossFit champion, Annie Thorisdottir.

As part of this collaboration, Thorisdottir is now a member of Yerbaé’s board, bringing her expertise and passion for health and wellness. She'll also play a pivotal role in furthering Yerbaé's mission to provide clean, plant-based hydration options for consumers.

Yerbaé has been at the forefront of the plant-based beverage revolution, offering an impressive lineup of delicious, zero-calorie and refreshing beverages. With their unique blend of yerba mate and white tea, Yerbaé has captured the attention of health-conscious individuals seeking an alternative to traditional, sugar-laden drinks.

“We are honored to have Annie Thorisdottir as part of the Yerbaé family, and we are excited to have her represent our brand at the 2023 CrossFit Games this year,” said Karrie Gibson, co-founder, COO and director of Yerbaé. “Her relentless pursuit of excellence and her dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle align perfectly with our brand. Annie's impact as a board member will be tremendous, as we work together to transform the beverage industry and offer consumers better choices for hydration and clean energy.”

Annie Thorisdottir is a name synonymous with excellence and determination in the world of fitness. With a stellar career and numerous accolades, including being crowned “The Fittest Woman on Earth” in the CrossFit Games twice, Thorisdottir has inspired millions around the globe to lead active, healthy lifestyles. In addition, she has qualified this year for the CrossFit Games 2023 and will be heading to Madison in August to compete again to become the Fittest Woman on Earth 2023.

Thorisdottir also embodies the values that Yerbaé stands for – empowerment, performance and a commitment to plant-based nutrition.

“Most of my days are filled with laughter, love, lots of sweat and sometimes a few tears,” exclaimed Thorisdottir. “A busy life often requires a little boost and having a Yerbaé is the perfect power up for me. I don’t have to feel bad putting artificial sweeteners and additives in my body – Yerbaé is clean energy to keep me at my best, for me and for my family.”

Yerbaé said Thorisdottir's expertise and deep understanding of the athletic community will prove invaluable as the company continues to innovate and expand its product offerings. Her involvement as a board member will give Yerbaé insights and perspectives that help guide the brand's growth and strategic decision-making.

Yerbaé has been a supporter of CrossFit and its athletes since early 2020, recognizing the values of hard work, determination and the pursuit of excellence that are shared by both the sport and the Company.

As a leading provider of energizing, plant-based beverages, Yerbaé said it understands the importance of proper nutrition and hydration for athletes of all levels.

Yerbaé was founded in 2017 by Todd Gibson and Karrie Gibson.

The NoBull CrossFit Games will be held in Madison, Wis., Aug. 1-6, 2023.

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