Chinese Pu’er Tea Purveyor JIN DA FU Debuts at Fortune Centre in Singapore

In June, “Peacock Shu Tuo” (Shu pu’er tea), the tea gift from the Chinese company JIN DA FU Tea, debuted at Fortune Centre in Singapore, where the Chinese pu’er tea business hopes to demonstrate its brand strength to the world.

As a Chinese high-end tea brand, JIN DA FU Tea is dedicated to handing down Chinese traditional pu’er tea culture and educating the world about authentic pu’er tea.

Established in 2012 by He Baoqiang, a tea merchant, JIN DA FU Tea has been prioritizing quality as its lifeline for 10 years.

With a 10,000 mu (or around 1,600 acres) of a BanZhang ecological tea estate, JIN DA FU Tea adheres to traditional handcrafted tea with two classic products – BanZhang Cabbage and BanZhang Peacock, available in more than 1,000 stores in China. The two teas have contributed to the company’s evolution towards an influential Chinese pu’er tea brand in the industry.

Considered a leader of the “Four Asian Tigers” (the four East Asian economies of Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan), Singapore occupies the world’s busiest Strait of Malacca, serving as the essential road connecting the East and the West. It’s also the third largest international financial center after New York and London.

According to JIN DA FU Tea, Fortune Centre in Singapore is a famous landmark of wealth, where many of the world’s business elites flock in every year. The advertising screen of Fortune Center has become an Asian showcase of world-class brands and, in recent years, some of China’s best brands have made their voices heard at that location.

The placement of JIN DA FU Tea at Fortune Centre is a first for the brand, as well as for the Chinese pu’er tea industry. The company noted that being featured at Fortune Centre in Singapore demonstrates the contemporary strength of the Chinese brand, and moreover the cultural confidence of the Chinese pu’er tea brand in the East as it focuses on drawing global attention.

The tea gift Peacock Shu Tuo, by JIN DA FU Tea, reflects the brand’s style of promoting Chinese tea gift culture. So, it’s fitting that it’s promoted at Fortune Centre as the popular venue welcomes guests from all over the world to Singapore.

The year marks the 10th anniversary of JIN DA FU Tea, and the company hopes its debut in Fortune Centre will help it achieve greater exposure as it shares authentic Chinese pu’er tea with the world.

In May, the Chinese tea brand also made an impact in Times Square, New York, with a major digital display.

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