Traditional Medicinals’ Expert Says ‘Herbal Tea Is Having a Big Moment in Canada’

The herbal tea market in Canada is undergoing substantial growth, currently valued at $91 million Canadian. Projections indicate a further expansion of 3.13 percent over the next five years. This surge is attributed to Canadian consumers’ growing preference for healthier options over conventional caffeinated and alcoholic beverages, driven by a rising interest in health and wellness.

“Herbal tea is having its big moment in Canada,” said Dale Gelinas, chief customer officer at Traditional Medicinals, a leader in botanical wellness.

Gelinas explained that consumers have been drawn to the medicinal properties of herbal tea for generations, but in the last few years, the industry has seen a growth in demand from consumers looking for products on grocery shelves that will complement their health and wellness-focused routines.

“Consumers are looking for products that provide more than just a temporary feel-good factor; they're looking for products that actively contribute to their long-term health goals, and we have the tea they’re looking for,” shared Gelinas.

Founded in 1974, Traditional Medicinals has a nearly 50-year commitment to delivering high-quality herbal teas, along with a deep-rooted pledge to ethical sourcing and production. The company has more than 60 high-quality teas, and it pays rigorous attention to purity, quality and other standards.

Overall, the company is among the many herbal tea companies that have benefited from the shift in consumer preferences, as they seek products that gear towards health and wellness. Currently, the Traditional Medicinials' business accounts for about 45 percent of all dollar growth in the herbal tea segment in Canada in the last 52 weeks, according to the company.

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Traditional Medicinals - Herbal Tea
Traditional Medicinals' Organic Herbal Peppermint (Photo: Courtesy of Traditional Medicinals)

Some of the No. 1 Traditional Medicinals herbal teas in Canada (at the moment) include:

The brand's impressive market performance in the Canadian market has propelled it to be among the top (if not the top) herbal tea companies in the country. The business has seen substantial growth in both units and unit performance.

With a remarkable 17 percent growth in the past year alone, the herbal tea maker has positioned itself as a trusted brand since it first entered the Canadian market in the mid-1980s. Also, recent data shows the company as the fastest-growing among leading tea brands (per Nielsen MarketTrack: Latest 52 Week Period Ending 06.17.23; Grocery, Drug, Mass, ex. HNF).

Looking ahead, Traditional Medicinals plans to continue its expansion throughout Canada as a key brand in the wellness movement.

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