TikTok: Promote Your Brand and Supercharge Your Tea Sales with This Popular Platform

Digital marketing for a tea brand requires growing a following on social media, and TikTok is one of the fastest-growing platforms out there.

In fact, digital marketing experts have proven that utilizing social media – especially TikTok – is a smart business-building strategy that can determine the future success of your brand.

The question is: Is TikTok right for your tea brand? What do you need to do to gain a following? Can you make and increase sales through TikTok?

In this article, we'll look at some of the reasons TikTok is (probably) a good choice for your tea brand, and offer insights on how you can make the best of this opportunity without driving yourself crazy.

Insight No. 1: You Can Find Your Ideal Customer on TikTok

Chances are, your perfect tea buyer is already on TikTok, somewhere.However, if you don't know who your ideal customer is, you'll end up chasing your tail on the platform without getting any results.

Before you do any marketing for your tea brand, ask yourself who your current customers are and what they have in common.

Do they share demographics? Age? What kind of things do they like, and what do they hate? What do they have in common?

TiKTok is becoming more diverse as it becomes more popular, but the majority of users are Gen Z and a narrow majority of 57 percent are women. If this is your target demographic – that's perfect!

If not, you might still find success on TikTok but you'll need to be more targeted and find the kind of videos your target audience is watching and enjoying to see examples of what is working for them.

Insight No. 2: You Can Check Out Your Competitors

While Instagram and other platforms have moved away from visible metrics, on TikTok a lot of information about your competitors is publicly available.

You can see how many views their videos have, the number of likes, the comments, and how many saves and shares they get.

You can benefit from their experience by creating content that is similar to their best-performing videos and avoiding the kind of content that didn't work for them, and got low engagement.

Insight No. 3: You Don't Need a Video Production Studio

Authentic user videos on TikTok often perform best.If you're planning on making your employees read from scripts, you had better hope they are very good actors.

A TikTok channel can also be a demanding undertaking. It's hard to reap the benefits of the TikTok algorithm without uploading a lot of content – actually, several videos a day.

According to an expert’s article at the World Tea News sister site, BarandRestaurant.com, if your team can only post about once a week, or lacks someone with the creativity to pitch ideas for content, it might not be worth it to create a TikTok channel for your brand.

You don't need to be an actor, a comedian or a stunt person to have a fantastic TikTok channel. All you need is to be authentic and genuine. If you can be yourself and talk about something you're passionate about – tea – you'll be fine.

If you're not the right person for this job, that's okay, too. You just need to find someone to be the face of the brand on TikTok.

Insight No. 4: You Need to Create the Best Content You Can

To be successful, you can't just sign up and show product shots.You need to connect with your target audience by providing value.What makes your customers smile? What makes them laugh? What gets a reaction?

Remember: TikTok is an entertainment platform. You don't need to sell in every video, and establishing a relationship with your followers by posting content that doesn't sell should be a key part of your social media strategy.

Insight No. 5: You Can Sell on TikTok

Although TikTok is an entertainment platform, the purpose of engaging with your customers there is ultimately to drive sales.

There are many different ways to sell directly on TikTok, as well as direct people to your website or another platform where you can sell to them.

You should have a sales link in your bio, and when you have made at least a few videos that are helpful or entertaining, you've earned the right to talk about your products and go in for a sale.

Final Thoughts: Find Success for Your Tea Brand on TikTok!

There's so much potential for viral sales on TikTok, but it might be harder to access than it seems.

You need to be authentic.

You need to be able to create videos that will resonate with your target audience.

And, you need to be able to produce these videos regularly – up to several times a day for best results.

If you have the creativity and the skills to create these kinds of videos for your tea business (or if you can partner with someone who can do it for you) you can benefit from the viral success of TikTok and the massive sales potential on the platform.

See TikTok.com.

Fay Smith worked in communications for many years before settling down with her husband. Today, she’s a regular contributor and freelance writer for various health and wellness sites. As an advocate of all things natural, she also writes about CBD for CBDClinicals.com.

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