Frazy Introduces Customizable, Shelf-Stable, Cafe-Quality Boba Tea for Home and On-the-Go

Frazy, a cafe-quality custom beverage startup company, announced the launch of Frazy Boba Tea to their line-up of Frazy Bottles. The new boba tea flavors include Peach Black Tea, Mango Black Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Almond Black Milk Tea, Milk Black Tea and Thai Milk Tea.

Frazy Bottles are each 2.75 ounces and concentrated versions of portable, highly customized specialty coffees and boba teas. They’re delivered in compact, shelf-stable bottles straight to consumers’ doors.

Frazy Boba Bottles start at US$5.99 and are sold in six or 12-packs that can be mixed and matched to create an assortment of customized boba drinks.

Consumers simply add water to the concentrated beverages and boba tea drinks in the Frazy Bottle, and enjoy their favorite boba drinks at home or on the go.

Frazy Bottles - Bubble Tea - Boba Tea
(Photo: Courtesy of Frazy)

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“Our new boba teas mark the next step in the evolution of Frazy Bottles,” said Frazy CEO and Founder Balaji Krishnan. “I love boba tea and wanted to recreate the taste of the same boba teas I ordered from my favorite boba shops. Our wide variety of options enables people to try different customized boba teas they wouldn’t have a chance to order otherwise, and also allows consumers who live in markets that don’t have boba to enjoy their favorite boba tea at home, work or on the go.”

Frazy’s new boba teas come with vacuum-sealed packets of boba tapioca pearls and milk powder (if applicable). Consumers select and order the type of boba tea they want, the caffeine level, the type of milk (whole, oat, soy, non-dairy creamer, non-fat milk, no milk), sweetness level (sugar, low sugar, no sugar, etc.), and anything else that makes it uniquely theirs – including their name to personalize it further. Consumers then warm the boba tapioca pearls for three seconds in the microwave to soften, add hot or cold water and/or ice, and enjoy their eight ounce boba tea drink anywhere.

Frazy also has an extensive selection of coffee drinks. Overall, Frazy has 31 SKUs in its line of highly customizable specialty drinks, which includes 24 coffee and six boba tea flavors.

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Frazy Bottles - Bubble Tea - Boba Tea
(Photo: Courtesy of Frazy)

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