48 Percent of Consumers Identify ‘Exotics’ as a Top Flavor, Per Research from Sensegen

Sensegen, a Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.-based biotech solution provider in taste, smell and beauty, just announced its Exotic Flavors collection.

Sensegen’s Sensory and Consumer Insights Center recently found that 48 percent of consumers identified “exotics” as a top flavor.

According to Sensegen, consumers are open to more adventurous flavors in social settings or when they feel exploratory. Thus, Sensegen created the new range of captivating flavors for food and beverage innovators.

The new collection features six “exotic” true-to-fruit flavors, including lychee, guava, papaya, yuzu, dragon fruit and violet.

“Our research has revealed that exotic flavors transcend vacation settings and have become a top preference for various occasions and drink preferences,” said Natasha D’Souza, vice president of flavors and consumer experience at Sensegen. “By leveraging our bio-based solutions, we invite food and beverage companies to explore the immense potential of these flavors across different categories and create truly personalized experiences for their consumers.”

Sensegen will unveil the Exotic Flavors collection at an event in Chicago this month, along with creative partner Blue California. In anticipation of the collection, some industry insiders this month will be the first to taste food and beverage prototypes made with the flavors and complimentary ingredients from Sensegen’s sugar reduction solutions partner Sweegen.

D’Souza noted, “We are thrilled to introduce the Exotic Flavors collection to the market, representing a significant milestone in our mission to redefine taste and consumer experiences.”

Among the flavors and prototype beverages that will be sampled this month by industry insiders includes yuzu-flavored iced tea – featuring Sensegen’s yuzu natural flavor with Blue California’s longevity vitamin ergothioneine and Sweegen’s Signature Stevia and taste modulation solutions.

The Exotic Flavors collection from Sensegen is supported by the company's proprietary quantitative research conducted nationally with over 1,500 consumers. The comprehensive study explored the beverage and food choices people make in various situations, the influence of mood on those decisions, and the underlying reasons behind them.

Sensegen's insights from this research can offer invaluable guidance to food and beverage companies seeking to inspire innovation with mood-centric flavors. By understanding that mood, food and beverage choices can vary significantly among individuals, industry players can use this research to tap into the full potential of their offerings and deliver tailored experiences to their diverse consumer base, according to the company.

In line with Sensegen's commitment to sustainability and biotechnology, the Exotic Flavors collection is produced by bioconversion. This approach ensures high quality and authenticity while minimizing the environmental impact of flavor production.

To learn more about Sensegen, visit Sensegen.com.

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