Six Trends the Tea Industry Needs to Watch in 2023

Like every industry, the tea industry will evolve in the coming year (and years) – and tea businesses are hoping to do the same. Keeping up and experimenting with current trends can potentially drive sales, deepen customer relationships and help businesses stay competitive in the tea marketplace. In fact, it’s critical for steady growth in the New Year.

Tea businesses should consider every consumer trend as they enter 2023. There will, however, be some outstanding trends that are particularly relevant in the New Year. Let’s explore six key trends across the marketing, tech, product and flavor arenas, which tea businesses should embrace this year.


Of course, your marketing techniques, channels and tools are essential for growing your tea business and increasing sales. However, you won’t be able to use any of them to their full advantage next year if you don’t focus on how what the customer wants has evolved.

Two core marketing trends that will enhance tea businesses everywhere in 2023 are rooted in matured customer wants and needs.

Make It an Experience

Going somewhere for tea won’t just be about the tea anymore. Instead, tea and coffee tourism will thrive in the industry next year. Customers will look for businesses, shops and cafes that create an entire experience around tea and other beverages.

The customer should be immersed in a unique tea culture when they walk in the door. Not only should the tea be “outside the box” in how it's presented, but the decor, furniture and aesthetic should also complete the experience.

Attracting new customers and retaining your most loyal ones largely depends on your ability to make the customer experience much more than the tea they’re drinking. Find ways to transport them and even educate them.

Consumers Are Choosing Tea for Different Reasons

Many people drink tea simply because it tastes good. Those people will still be around in 2023. But, so will the massive group of people drinking tea to inspire mindfulness and enjoy other health benefits of tea.

Consumers will be more intentional about what tea they drink, why and how, because taking care of one’s mind and body will still be a significant priority in 2023.

Understanding this, tea businesses can shift their marketing to promote tea drinking as an act of self-care. For example, your business could create a campaign around incorporating your various teas into different self-care acts. Understand how consumers’ reasons for drinking tea are evolving, and you’ll be able to create marketing campaigns they better connect with.


If there’s one thing that will probably always make the tea industry’s trends list yearly, it’s technology. As the world becomes more digitally focused, it’s only wise for the tea industry and businesses to do the same.

The following two tech trends are centered on data and technology’s place in the production process.

Data Matters

Tea businesses that have yet to jump on the data train will remain behind their competition in 2023. Data matters. It matters a whole lot. You must have a strategy for collecting, processing, analyzing and using data in your business for it to thrive next year.

Regarding use specifically, using data for business intelligence can benefit tea businesses tremendously.

According to Zuar, “Business Intelligence is the technology-driven process of acquiring data, data warehousing, business analytics, data visualization and the attached infrastructure, tools, methodologies and applications.”

The goal of using all these things is to extract meaningful insights that help you make data-driven decisions that drive your tea business forward, reducing risks and increasing its profitability.

With the right suite of business intelligence and analytics tools, you can better understand the current state of your business, how it got there, and the best course of action for the future.

Tech Innovations in Production

First, tea plants have to be cultivated. After that, tea leaves must be harvested. Then comes processing true teas in stages such as withering, rolling, oxidation and drying. And finally, the production of various teas takes place.

There was a time when all of this was done manually. But, businesses that want to thrive in 2023 should seek out tech innovations appropriate for the processing and production of their teas.

Whether your operation is in-house or working with third parties, tech innovations in tea processing can make production more efficient and improve the quality of your tea.

Start your research with robotics, artificial intelligence and automation tools to possibly digitize processing and production. And if there’s not a solution or new idea out there, look at ways your business can innovate and contribute new ideas to the global tea industry.


If you’re hoping to get more from the customer-facing side of your business next year, it’s a good idea to consider expanding your product line. Think about launching something related to these two product and flavor trends.

Canned / Ready-to-Drink (RTD) Tea Options

Consumers seem to be more “on the go” than ever before. And, this will only continue into 2023. The millions of people who grab a coffee to go every morning have many options to choose from. Tea drinkers, not so much; however, we’re slowing seeing more and more tea innovation and experimentation in the RTD space – from true teas and herbal teas to matcha and tea and alcohol.

The two billion people that drink tea every morning certainly want convenient to-go options, too. Smart tea business owners and brands will consider adding canned or ready-to-drink tea options to their product lines in 2023. Creating such products will come with an upfront and ongoing cost should you put the line in other stores. But, you’ll have a chance to accommodate the needs of an enormous group of people drawn to on-the-go drink options.

Fusion Flavors

There’s no denying the massive selection of teas available to people. There are more than 3,000 varieties of teas – and you can expect this number to grow in the coming year.

To stay competitive in 2023, consider producing new, innovative tea flavors. Experiment with distinctive flavors like saffron, lavender, basil, nutmeg or rosemary.

In addition, consumers will be interested in fusing tea flavors. Try combining different flavors and pairing particular health properties to make the tea more functional (this trend doesn't seem to be going away).

In the end, approximately 160 million people in America drink tea every day. Connect with and make many of them believers in your tea business by incorporating the above trends in your operation in 2023 and beyond.

Indiana Lee is a freelance writer with a wealth of experience in blogging, content marketing and journalism. She writes on a variety of topics across industries, including B2B issues and health and wellness.

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