World's First Robotic, In-Home Beverage Machine Capitalizes on the DIY Café-Style Beverage Trend

Frazy, a cafe and bar-quality custom beverage startup, announced plans to debut FrazyBot, the world's first robotic beverage machine that makes fresh, customized specialty drinks – such as coffee, cocktails, tea, boba and more – at home and with the push of a button.

Frazy will debut the robotic beverage solution at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Jan. 9-12, 2024, in Las  Vegas.

"In-home devices have long promised to deliver cafe and bar quality in a simple way, but nothing has come close — until now," said Frazy CEO and Founder Balaji Krishnan. "Other in-home beverage machines are unwieldy, drink-specific, usually require users to mix a lengthy list of ingredients manually to make a mess and are often hard to clean. And in the end, it may still not be exactly customized to your taste."

Krishnan added: "Our proprietary robotic technology disrupts the home beverage market and delivers the most authentic experience, creating users' favorite drinks at home from fresh ingredients with a simple push of a button. FrazyBot is the first machine that prepares your favorite drink from end to end and delivers everything you want down to the smallest detail, exactly how it was ordered. It even delivers the best presentation to put a smile on your face."

FrazyBot noted that its "Ingredient-Sensing Robotic Technology” (or InSeRT) makes drinks more affordable than the average café or bar, eliminating the need to go anywhere and offering a pressure-free opportunity to try new beverages and experiment with flavors and combinations.

FrazyBot is modular and comes with a base module that has a touch panel and water reservoir. It's compact enough to take up minimal space on the kitchen countertop and offers a choice of different drink modules — each specially designed for coffee, tea, boba, cocktails or mocktails. Users can easily snap the drink module into the base module, insert the ingredient box and push a button to make their favorite delicious drinks. This also allows users to add their own milk or alcohol.

With the ongoing popularity of craft or artisanal beverages, there may be a significant market for FrazyBot. According to a recent survey by alcohol delivery platform Drizly, 26 percent plan to spend more on drinks for at-home consumption this year versus on-premise, and one-in-five will be 'self-bartending' more in 2023 compared to 2022.

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