Singapore-Based Entrepreneur Mixes Fairy Tales and Tea, Reimagines the Traditional Tea Bag

Singapore-based Bellen Tan, founder and creator of Tea Beasties, was inspired by her fondness of childhood stories, fairytales and delicious tea when she crafted a new kind of tea bag. Her goal was to capture the essence of those timeless tales with a new, innovative idea to brew tea.

Each Tea Beastie is meant to be a work of art, meticulously created and prototyped over eight months. Some of the tea bag designs include a mermaid, dragon, fairy and unicorn. And the tea bags aren't just cute – they're engineered to seal tight, preventing any tea leaf leakage, preserving their friendly forms when immersed in water.

Tea Beastie’s also have an innovative handle – a unique patented handle that doubles as a holder to secure the tea bag on a cup's rim. It also features a perforated line for easy removal when using shorter cups.

“Tea bags have remained largely unchanged for centuries, and it’s time to put a new spin on them,” Tan said. “Tea Beasties aren't just tea bags; they’re stories waiting to be sipped. It's about infusing magic into everyday life and crafting tea that can truly brighten your day.”

Tea Beasties Founder Creator Bellen Tan - Tea Bag Innovation
Bellen Tan, founder and creator of Tea Beasties (Photo: Courtesy of Tea Beasties)

A Labor of Love, Steeped with Innovation

Tan said many tea bag manufacturers couldn't quite grasp the “magic” she envisioned with her tea bag idea, and they all believed that creating the product would require significant investment in machinery.

Undeterred by the naysayers, Tan embarked on a quest to master the art of the tea bag production herself. In fact, crafting these unique tea bags is a labor of love for Tan, which involves a meticulous 10-step process with eight of those steps lovingly performed by hand.

“The feedback on our concept has been overwhelmingly positive and our customers are asking for more designs,” said Tan. “We'll be rolling out new designs gradually to feature a wider range of 'beasties.' Additionally, they love our patented integrated handle, which keeps the tea bag securely in place, allowing them to enjoy the design with every sip from the cup.”

For the Tea Beastie tea itself, Tan tasted more than 40 tea combinations to craft five blends for hot or cold tea. She said she also sources the tea leaves from certified organic farms, where farmers receive fair compensation.

Tea Beasties - Innovative Innovation Tea Bag
(Photo: Courtesy of Tea Beasties)

Tea Beasties recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to support overall production, which is already in full swing. Tan said her equipment is in place, designs are locked in, and she has successfully completed a trial run of tea bags.

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