Matcha Organic Japan: Becoming the Most Beloved Matcha Farmers in the World

The Matcha farmers of Matcha Organic Japan in Shimada and Kawane, Shizuoka Prefecture, which is a traditional tea-producing area in Japan. Photo: Courtesy of Matcha Organic Japan.

Matcha Organic Japan has been in the development phase for a few years, and they were waiting for the right moment to announce their new organic Matcha, Matcha More. They decided on participating in the World Tea Virtual Summit to kick off a promotional “world tour” to introduce the brand. They also plan to showcase their tea plantation and present samples of Matcha More across numerous countries.

Matcha More from Matcha Organic Japan. Photo: Courtesy of MOJ.

Their Matcha is currently for sale through the company’s online store (it was sold-out at the time of this article’s publication), and they offer wholesale for B2B customers. Their Matcha is also available and used in creative ways at their own Matcha More Café in Shimada City in the Organic Matcha Village.

‘We built the weekends-only cafe to interact with tea enthusiasts and other visitors,” says Mochitani, who refers to the tea village as a “Matcha amusement learning park.” “We’re trying to produce a new lifestyle around organic Matcha. Anyone can visit the cafe and they can be a part of the village community.”

At the café, guests can enjoy Matcha in a variety of ways, including a “serious organic Matcha latte,” Matcha chocolate fondue, Matcha Japanese sweets, espresso Matcha latte, mango and Matcha latte, Matcha milk smoothie and more.

In addition to the café, Mochitani notes that the tea plantation hosts community events where visitors can pluck tea or plant tea plants. They also offer housing for interns, who wish to live and work on the farm and café for three months – an opportunity to learn everything about tea production and Matcha.

“I've seen significant matcha growth by traveling the world,” says Mochitani. “Matcha expansion has been really quick, and I feel like the demand is still growing. I think people see it as an exciting new flavor – like nothing else in the world. And now it’s becoming a standard flavor for sweets and innovative drinks, too.”

Matcha More Cafe. Photo: Courtesy of MOJ.

Learn More at the World Tea Virtual Summit
Mochitani is looking forward to presenting and revealing more about Matcha Organic Japan at the upcoming World Tea Virtual Summit. “We want to share and promote our very first organic Matcha to the world and share our thoughts on our projects,” he says. “For Matcha tea, autumn is the new Matcha release of the year, and the celebration moment is called Kuchikiri [a tea ceremony and celebration]. At the World Tea Virtual Summit, we will share our new 2020 Matcha to 1,000 attendees that want to experience this great moment. We will all do Kuchikiri virtually at the summit’s happy hour.”

Besides becoming the world’s most beloved Matcha farmers, future plans for Matcha Organic Japan include worldwide distribution and a U.S.-based distribution center. Yoshiyuki Tamura, president of the company, says he’d like to expand into the world by “pursuing what he wants to make while making the best use of his experience in the service industry and making customer-friendly sales.”

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One of the many Matcha offerings from Matcha More Cafe. Photo: Courtesy of MOJ.