Matcha Made Its Mark at Expo East

Matcha had a strong presence in several formats at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, Maryland Sept. 11-14. These companies are on top of the matcha trend.

Tatsu Tea

Tatsu Tea booth at Expo East (Photo by Elizabeth Dobos)

Ambler, Pennsylvania-based Tatsu Tea is the first company to offer matcha with electrolytes, vitamin C and zinc. Developed by a dietician and his wife, Tatsu Tea was originally intended for people who needed relief from symptoms of jet lag and hangovers. Tatsu Tea’s electrolyte content also makes it perfect for athletes, who can lose electrolytes during workouts. Preparation is simple as it only needs to be added to a bottle of water and shaken.

Organic Side

Organic Side K-cup pods (Photo by Elizabeth Dobos)

San Antonio, Texas-based Organic Side offers matcha in single serve pods that are compatible with Keurig machines. The CCOF and USDA Certified Organic matcha provides antioxidants in an easy-to-prepare format—no matcha whisk required. This is the perfect method for coffee drinkers to switch to matcha and incorporate it into their busy morning routine.

Soozy’s Grain-Free

Soozy's Matcha Green Tea Muffin samples at Expo East (Photo by Elizabeth Dobos)

New York City-based Soozy’s Grain-Free produces a collection of grain-free muffins, of which one variety contains matcha. The company’s mission is to provide muffins that are made with clean ingredients and taste good. Its Certified Gluten-Free Matcha Green Tea Muffins contain high-grade matcha powder and coconut cream and are sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar. They present an easily edible format for enjoying matcha and its benefits.

Aiya Matcha


Aiya Matcha hails from Nishio-shiin Japan’s Aichi Prefecture, famous for its matcha. Aiya Matcha was foundedin 1888 and is the world’s leading matcha green tea producer, according to the company. Aiya Matcha upholdsJapanese tradition in its matcha cultivation while appealing to the modern consumerby offering Matcha To Go Sticks, which contain ceremonial grade matcha in convenient4 gram single-serving packets.  


Elan matcha (Photo by Elizabeth Dobos)

Elan is headquartered in Saint-Laurent, Québec, Canada and offers ECO CERT, Canada Organic, USDA Organic organic culinary grade matcha that is ideal for baking, blending into smoothies and making lattes. The simplicity of the product is what allows for its versatility so consumers can create their own matcha treats. The matcha is packaged in an 8.8 ounce cannister.