A Look at the Australian Tea Market: Blending Tea & Herbs in Australia

Sharyn Johnston is the CEO of Australian Tea Masters and Australian Tea Masters Wholesale and Blending companies. She founded Australian Tea Masters (ATM) in 2011, with branches in Australia, Singapore, Indonesia and recently Korea. ATM is a 100 percent Australian-owned company and encompasses education, consultancy and manufacturing. Johnston is also the head international judge for Tea Masters Cup. She works with market leaders globally to create the latest blends for their markets and also educates and consults on tea blending in China. Australian Tea Masters offers private label manufacturing to different sectors of the market, including brewers, spas and wellness companies, and it has a large base of clients within Australia as well as overseas. ATM currently produce and exports more than 12 tons of tea and wellness blends. Johnston also educates in modern tea mastery, tea blending and tea sommelier training, providing training to various sectors of the hospitality industry – both locally and internationally. Visit AustralianTeaMasters.com.au to learn more.