World Tea Expo Names ‘Best of’ Award Winners During 20th Anniversary Celebration in Las Vegas

The winners of Questex’s 2022 World Tea Best of Awards were revealed last night during a special 20th Anniversary Celebration and ceremony at the World Tea Conference + Expo in Las Vegas, which takes place March 21-23 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, alongside Bar & Restaurant Expo.

The 2022 World Tea Best of Awards program recognizes tea leaders and innovators across key categories.

This year, the global tea industry voted online for the winners, based on finalists selected by the World Tea Conference + Expo organizers and a panel of judges. Voting was open in January and ran through Feb. 15.

The 2022 distinguished winners are:

1. Best Sustainable Packaging (Any Tea Product or Herbal, with or Without Camellia Sinensis)

Bigelow Tea Winner

Runners-up in this category include: Clipper Teas, teapigs, Arbor Teas and Pukka Herbs & Teas.

2. Best Tea-Making Equipment Innovation, Consumer:

Mosi – Winner

Runners-up in this category include: JoGo, Qterra Craft Travel Brewer, Cauldryn and BRU Tea Maker.

3. Best Chain Restaurant Tea Program/Service (Iced & Hot):

Allegro Coffee & Tea – Winner

Runners-up in this category include: P.F. Chang’s, The Cheesecake Factory, Panera Bread and Dunkin’.

4. Best Charity Based Social/Community Program:

SerendipiTea – Winner

Runners-up in this category include: VIVA Teaware, Glenburn Workers’ Welfare Trust, Yogi Tea and My Cup of Tea.

5. Best Innovative Marketing Campaign (Print, Digital or Social Media):

The Republic of Tea – Winner

Runners-up in this category include: Harney & Sons Fine Teas, Teacup Media, Tea & Herbal Association of Canada and Rakkasan Tea Company.

Award Winners Say They’re ‘Honored’

Cindi Bigelow, president and CEO of Fairfield, Conn.-based Bigelow Tea – which won for Best Sustainable Packaging – said, “We are honored to be recognized by the World Tea Conference + Expo at this most prestigious event dedicated to evolving the tea industry. As a family-owned company that has been in the tea business for over 77 years, Bigelow has always been committed to our environmental, sustainability, and community efforts. Doing the right thing has been part of the company’s DNA since it was founded by my grandmother Ruth Campbell Bigelow in 1945.”

According to Bigelow, Bigelow Tea is a Certified B Corp, and the company is proud that all of its tea is manufactured with 100% Green-e Certified renewable energy and that all three of its facilities are committed to Zero Waste to Landfill.

“We have worked diligently to achieve 85 percent recyclability/compostability for our packaging and continually strive to reach an even higher level of sustainability in our packaging, while never compromising on the integrity of our carefully selected and finest quality ingredients,” explained Bigelow. “Thanks again for this amazing honor to be recognized by such an esteemed organization among our peers.”

For Honorees, the Recognition Is Validation for Hard Work

Paul Davis, the founder and CEO of Mosi Tea – which won for Best Tea-Making Equipment Innovation, Consumer – accepted the award for his company. “This award means the world to us,” he said. “We have spent countless hours designing, testing and manufacturing our multi-brew infuser, and this recognition from the global tea community validates all of our hard work.”

According to Davis, Mosi’s patented and innovative design is the world’s first multi-brew infuser that allows anyone to brew the perfect cup of anything on-the-go. “Whether it is cold brew coffee, matcha or loose-leaf tea, the multi-brew infuser makes it easy to brew without over-steeping,” he said.

Paul Davis Mosi tea
Mosi's Paul Davis at World Tea's 20th Anniversary Celebration (Photo by: Aaron Kiel)

Linda Villano, co-founder and partner at SerendipiTea, commented her company's win: “All of us at SerendipiTea are absolutely thrilled about being chosen as a finalist in the World Tea Best of Awards and are so very grateful to all in the global tea community who voted for us. The news was deeply humbling, and being in the Best Charity Based Social/Community Program category is truly meaningful."

SerendipiTea – a N.Y.-based importer and specialty tea manufacturer, was founded in 1995 by Tomislav Podreka and Villano on a specific set of principles that stress green and social responsibility.

“Our logo was designed to express this very notion [of social responsibility] – the ‘cup’ represents tea, the ‘pen’ represents continuous learning, which is communicated to others in writings/various forms of media, and the ‘hand’ represents the need to give back so that balance in life may be achieved,” explained Villano, speaking on the company’s logo and brand mission. “To this end, SerendipiTea selects only tea sources which share our principles; we participate in many local charitable events and we have created numerous blends, which benefit specific local and national charities.”

Villano added, “Our sincere thanks to all who voted and to all companies that include a charitable component in their business practices.”

‘Honored to Be Recognized by the World Tea Conference + Expo’

Kristina Tucker, minister of enlightenment and commerce at The Republic of Tea – which won for Best Innovative Marketing Campaign for their ongoing social media efforts and innovative marketing campaigns – said, “We are honored to be recognized by the World Tea Conference + Expo and the global tea community at large for this award.”

According to Tucker, The Republic of Tea strives to create impactful marketing campaigns that effectively reach and inspire existing and new ‘Citizens’ – or customers – always emphasizing a “Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp” lifestyle.

Overall, The Republic of Tea focuses on enriching people’s lives through great-tasting premium teas and herbs, education and innovation. Founded in 1992, the brand delivers a sought-after selection of high-quality teas, herbal blends and nature-inspired sipware.

For the category of Best Chain Restaurant Tea Program (Iced & Hot), winner Allegro Coffee & Tea Company’s Billy Windram, director of procurement, said, “Allegro is honored to be a finalist in this category, as we have worked hard to bring a premium tea leaf concept and experience to the consumers and cafes in the Whole Foods Market locations. It brings us great pride that the global tea community recognizes our efforts in this area and to be considered alongside other esteemed tea companies in our industry.”

Allegro Coffee supplies the 500+ Whole Foods Market locations with coffee and tea for shoppers and consumers in their in-store cafés, as well as coffee and tea by Allegro down the aisle.

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