Trending: Brining Holiday Turkeys with Iced Tea

It’s happened to many families during the holidays: working in the kitchen to create the perfect holiday feast with football or some program on the television, spending the day away from family and friends, only to inevitably gather around the dinner table and feast on… a dry turkey.

Is there a holiday fail more heartbreaking, or common, than that? Ask Adam Thielen, the NFL wide receiver who went viral after getting caught spitting out dry turkey at the end of last year’s Thanksgiving game in the United States.

To avoid a repeat of last year, Thielen partnered with the official iced tea sponsor of the NFL, Lipton Iced Tea, to ensure everyone has the juiciest turkey during the holidays.

“This year, I’m on a mission to tackle dry turkeys by partnering with Lipton Iced Tea, which is not only my favorite iced tea, but now my favorite turkey brine,” said Thielen. “The Lipton Iced Tea Bird Brine guarantees you’ll serve up a super juicy, flavorful turkey…”

Lipton Iced Tea Bird Brine is a simple brine that cuts down on prep time and leaves you with a juicy, flavorful turkey.

Lipton Iced Tea’s culinary team did the research by combining salt (a staple brine ingredient) with Lipton Iced Tea Half and Half or Lipton Iced Tea Lemon.

The brine not only leaves you with a super moist turkey, but it boosts the flavor of the bird, adding another level of richness and flavor you wouldn’t otherwise get with a water-based brine.

Think tea and turkey sounds like an odd pairing? There’s actually something powerful behind it. Home cooks know the power of tea-brined poultry as well, as shown by the almost 3.5 million recipes available online.

“A traditional brine combines water and salt, some sugar and aromatics to help punch up the flavor, said Gibran Salazar of PepsiCo's corporate executive research chef for global beverages. “For a time-saving hack, use your favorite flavor of Lipton Iced Tea – we recommend Black Iced Tea Lemon or Lipton Half & Half Iced Tea & Lemonade for the citric acid – and mix with a generous sprinkle of salt. Let your bird soak in the brine, prepare as directed, and feast on a mouth-wateringly juicy, rich and robust turkey. Our Lipton Iced Tea Bird Brine helps add incredible complexity that will delight the dinner table.”

The Lipton Iced Tea Bird Brine recipe is featured below.

Brine Brining a Turkey with Tea - Trending - How To
(Image: Courtesy of Lipton Iced Tea)

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