New 2022 Survey Reveals How Brits Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

A new survey – conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Coffee Friend, a U.K.-based coffee, tea and coffee machine retailer – asked 2,001 people from across the U.K. about their tea-drinking habits.

The research showed that while 59 percent lead with water when making a cup of tea, 21 percent opt for sugar and 20 percent reach for the milk first.

According to the study, not everyone is consistent either, while 77 percent have a tried and tested way of concocting their brew, 13 percent do not stick to the same method each time they make a cup of tea.

When it comes to volume, the survey found that the mean number of cups enjoyed per person per day was 2.5, with 39 percent of respondents declaring they gulp down two to three cups of tea per day on average.

Elsewhere, 30 percent went for three to four cups a day, but 15 percent have five or more a day and 16 percent stay away from it altogether.

A spokesperson for Coffee Friend said, “With a nation known for its love of tea-drinking, it’s no shock so many have a tried and tested method of making a brew. However, many may be surprised to learn our research found that 40 percent don’t pour the water in first, plumping for milk or sugar instead. While there might be an ongoing debate on the ‘right’ way to make a cuppa, there’s certainly no doubt over the U.K.’s passion when it comes to tea.

”Censuswide, who conducted the survey on behalf of Coffee Friend, abides by and employs members of the Market Research Society, which is based on the ESOMAR principles.

The 2,001 U.K. adults surveyed were contacted between April 13 and April 19, 2022.

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