Guiji Plans International Expansion for Its Fruit Tea and Bubble Tea Business

Guiji, a leading bubble tea and fruit tea brand in Taiwan – known for its unique fruit-infused teas and high-quality ingredients – is embarking on an international expansion with Los Angeles as its inaugural destination.

As a company, Guiji places a strong emphasis on collaborating with local Taiwanese farmers, highlighting ingredient quality and environmental sustainability, and connecting flavor with social responsibility, in addition to upholding the philosophy of “small potato can lead to big changes."

The Brand’s Story

Guiji's journey began in 2017 as a modest local bubble tea shop. The brand's founders, driven by passion and innovation, were committed to providing the most delectable beverages while supporting local Taiwanese farmers.

The founders firmly believed that the quality of beverages is directly linked to the quality of ingredients used. Thus, Guiji established a close-knit partnership with local farmers, ensuring freshness and premium quality from the farms to consumers' cups.

Today, Guiji's teas and fruits are meticulously selected and processed, resulting in irresistible flavors.

Venturing into the United States

In order to introduce its flavors to the American market, Guiji selected Los Angeles as its starting point for international expansion. The decision was based on Los Angeles' status as a global metropolis, as well as its diverse culture and palate, offering the company a valuable opportunity to showcase its adaptability to various regional tastes.

Guiji plans to adjust its beverage menu, infusing local fruits and tea leaves to cater to Los Angeles' diverse preferences, while maintaining its brand's uniqueness and innovation.

Partnerships with Local Farmers

Guiji has always maintained a close relationship with local farmers. In fact, the brand prioritizes ingredient quality while respecting the hard work and expertise of small-scale farmers.

These relationships not only enhance beverage quality but also support farmers' livelihoods and contributes to the vitality of rural communities, reducing rural depopulation, Guiji noted in a statement.

International Expansion Strategy

To make its mark in the international market, Guiji announced that it’s committed to establishing a robust business model for its overseas franchisees. The brand places special emphasis on ingredient and supply chain management, ensuring the feasibility and cost control of imported ingredients while maintaining a stable supply chain for consistent product quality.

Guiji also pledges to localize its brand, aligning its advertising and social media promotion with local consumer preferences. Furthermore, the brand commits to adhering to local food regulations and hygiene standards to ensure product safety and legality.

Following its international expansion, Guiji will continue to uphold its core values of “small potato can lead to big changes.” It will also integrate the brand with local products, crafting products tailored to local market tastes, promoting organic farming and reducing pesticide use. This approach, the company said, aims to create a sustainable beverage ecosystem that benefits local farmers, Guiji's international franchisees and consumers, promoting economic and environmental sustainability.

Guiji's debut in the Los Angeles market signifies a new beginning, the company said, which will pave the way for future international ventures.

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