Chinese Tea Market Has Plenty to Offer North America

Shenzhen HJC Group, which hosts 31 shows in 25 cities in China, will be exhibiting (Booth WT1728) and speaking at the World Tea Expo. With the Chinese tea market estimated to reach about 375 billion yuan in 2025, the market has much to share with the tea industry.

Launched in 2008, the HJC Group now brings together 8,700 tea exhibitors and 1,200 Chinese tea exporters from 22 countries each year. Its Global Tea Fair will be held June 20-23 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).

Kate Ba, general manager of Food & Agriculture Division for HJC Group, will host a seminar at the Expo on Tuesday, March 19 at 10:30 am titled, “China Tea Market Analysis; How to Connect Business.” The session will explore the current state of the Chinese tea market, Chinese tea production and consumption, what’s trending, and the opportunities available for those interested in the market. 

World Tea News spoke with Connie Ma, International Department Supervisor, HJC Group, to learn more about the Global Tea Fair and the Chinese tea market.


World Tea News: Tell us more about what the Global Tea Fair is and what it offers to the tea market.

Connie Ma: The Global Tea Fair aims to explore new markets and develop the tea industry, with a focus on understanding the unique characteristics of the Chinese tea market. The goal is to expand the tea industry through cooperation and developing an international and domestic platform for Chinese tea producers. The Global Tea Fair also has a focus on addressing ecological concerns in the tea industry.


Who exhibits at the Global Tea Fair?

Our exhibitors include 69 tea-producing areas, tea plantations in China, and also international exhibitors representing over 20 countries and origins, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, India, South Korea, and Kenya. There will also be teaware exhibitors so both tea and teaware are represented.


global tea fair
Global Tea Fair pavilions

Anything new attendees can expect at this year’s Global Tea Fair in June?

This year we will have four halls: Chinese tea brand, World green tea, tea and coffee, and teaware.

The new generation is interested in tea and coffee, so we would like to explore this market and focus on this area this year.


What are some of the current challenges in the Chinese tea market?

We have four challenges we are facing. First is market competition and decreasing consumption and exports.

Second is the increasing consumer demand for better tea origins, quality, and safety as people pursue a healthier lifestyle. So we will focus more on the healthy options.

Third, is a focus on environmental protection and sustainability.

Lastly, is an increase in modern channels like online shopping. It can be a challenge for tea enterprises and tea farmers to learn how to deal with this and how to sell on the internet.


What are some popular trends in the Chinese tea market?

There is a new style of tea drinks, and it’s become a lifestyle for teenagers. This new style of tea house is located in the center of big cities. Tea lovers, most of them young people, can brew their own tea in simple steps, catering to young peoples' desire for a new experience. Trendy drinks like coffee and milk tea are not the only beverage people drink on the streets. This newer tea house makes Chinese tea accessible and helps to popularize tea culture among the nation’s youth.


What does the Chinese tea market have to offer North American buyers/companies?

The Chinese tea market offers high-quality teas and unique packaging options for North American buyers.

We have research on the challenges in the US tea market regarding the lack of specialty and quality teas. I think what Chinese tea companies can do is provide a tea source. Tea is originally from China, and we have 218 types of teas that are very high quality, which is suitable for people who pursue higher-end teas.

Secondly, is the packaging. China offers unique packaging options for North American buyers.

Lastly, is our teaware because China has a lot of beautiful and very high-quality teaware, which is also a good way to capture Chinese tea culture.

We really want to bring the good Chinese tea out of the mountains. We have already made connections with more than 12,000 tea companies that have lots of good teas. People can find the teas through our platform and even go to the tea mountains to see how the tea grows, how it is produced, how to package it, and how it can be exported.

teaware tea packaging
The Global Tea Fair will showcase a variety of teaware and tea packaging.

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