LIFEBRANDS Natural Food GmbH Acquires Revolution Tea

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Revolution Tea, based in Scottsdale, Ariz., was acquired by LIFEBRANDS Natural Food GmbH this month, and the company says it’s ready to disrupt the U.S. tea landscape.

Revolution Tea has been focused on changing the beverage and tea industry since 1998. The company focuses on improving the quality of the tea drinking experience through a commitment to sourcing high-quality ingredients, including full leaf tea, select herbs, real fruit pieces, essential oils and all-natural flavors.

Building Brands in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Category

LIFEBRANDS was founded in 2000 by Lars Frederik Ellerbrock, and over the last 20 years, the company achieved a leading position in the international hot beverage FMCG market (fast-moving consumer goods). The team created various successful brands in this segment, and Ellerbrock succeeded in providing a platform for sustainable products and in raising awareness for responsible enjoyment within the food industry.

While LIFEBRANDS is a player in the global tea market, Ellerbrock’s knowledge and experience in tea goes far beyond LIFEBRANDS. He’s the majority shareholder of one of the leading global tea manufacturers based in Hamburg, operating one of the biggest specialty tea warehouses in the world.

“Revolution Tea is a perfect fit to our FMCG brand portfolio, as we share similar values and can benefit from each other’s long-term established distribution channels,” said Ellerbrock. “Our intention is to grow Revolution Tea internationally with the extension of the product portfolio and a range of new innovations, the impact of social responsibility and sustainability engagement."

Two Tea Veterans

This new venture between Revolution Tea and LIFEBRANDS will be led by two veterans in the global tea industry – David Enser and Keith Bearden.

David Enser has been with Revolution Tea since 2006, and he believes that sampling, promoting and advertising have helped to build a strong brand awareness, attract new consumers and help Revolution’s best-in-class operators sell more tea. Through Enser’s leadership, Revolution Tea’s portfolio has expanded to more than 30 delicious tea blends in more than 60 countries. Enser will continue to serve as president of Revolution Tea and lead its team of employees from the company’s offices in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Keith Bearden will join the team as the CEO for the newly formed company. Bearden has been in the tea industry since 2005 when he started working with Yogi Tea as a consultant in their U.S. operations in Eugene, Oregon. In 2008, Bearden moved to Hamburg, Germany and took over the international operations for Yogi Tea. Over the next six years, Bearden was able to move Yogi Tea into a leader in the European tea market, in addition to opening distribution in Asia and the Middle East. Since returning to the United States in 2014, Bearden has gone on to lead several companies in the food, beverage and nutraceutical sectors. He also serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Board for LIFEBRANDS Natural Food GmbH in Hamburg.

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