Create a Memorable MOTHER'S DAY for Your Tea Customers

Consider carrying pastries at your shop, or partner with another local business to provide them for you, as it will add value to the Mother's Day experience your customers are looking for. (Photo by: Ellen Leaf-Moore / Fezziwig’s Marketplace )

Would you like to inspire your customers to do something different for Mother’s Day, instead of flowers and jewelry? How about helping your customers give their moms a few special tea experiences?

Here are some ideas:

Pack Your Virtual Bags for an Adventure!

Choose a specific country, like France, England, India or many others. Highlight the teas you carry in your store that coordinate with the country and offer informative websites that customers can visit to assist in their virtual travel with the teas from your shop or website.

Photo: Courtesy of Ellen Leaf-Moore / Fezziwig’s Marketplace

If you carry pastries or can partner with another local business to provide them for you, it will add to the value and experience for your customers. Or, highlight a few of your favorite teatime recipes for your customers. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness in planning their event out for them.

Create a special display in your store or website that is styled with the country or countries you are highlighting. Give your customers some great ideas of how to set their tables that will be exquisite and special. If you do not carry these types of items, see if another small business or lifestyle specialist can do it for you, and direct customers to their contact information.

Encourage your customers to bring out, borrow or purchase a special teacup for the occasion.

Here are some interesting links to recommend, for inspiration:

Thé Pour Deux: Inside Paris's Extraordinary Tea Culture (International Traveller)

Afternoon Tea (Historic UK)

History of Indian Tea (Indian Tea Association)

Bath Time & Bubbles!

Every Mom deserves some pampering, and this is just the ticket. Give your customers easy recipes for a DYI bath soaks using the tea you sell at your store or website. They can pour a glass of a tea cocktail and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Photo: Courtesy of Ellen Leaf-Moore / Fezziwig’s Marketplace

Bubbly Tea Cocktail:
4 oz prepared white, green, oolong or herbal tea of your choice
4-6 oz chilled Champagne or sparkling white wine
Combine both ingredients into a champagne flute and enjoy.

Herbal Tea & Epsom Salt Bath Potpourri:
1 cup plain Epsom salt
4 tbsp botanical tea
1 muslin bag or tea infuser bag with a draw string
2 tbsp milk powder or oatmeal (optional)
Blend all items together and place in the muslin bag. Place into a hot bath.

Spa Day Tea Sugar Scrub:
1 cup granulated sugar plus 2 tbsp coconut oil and 4 tbsp dried loose tea of your choice. Combine all ingredients and mix well (it will look like wet sand). Apply 1 TBSP to your hands and gently rub onto your face and body for about 30 seconds. Rinse off with warm water. Place in an airtight container and keep close by for weekly skin refreshers.

Photo: Courtesy of Ellen Leaf-Moore / Fezziwig’s Marketplace

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Ellen Leaf-Moore is the owner of Fezziwig’s Marketplace in O’Fallon, Ill. She’s also a Certified Level 4 STI Graduate. See to learn more.