Tea Forté Partners with The New York Botanical Garden for Soleil

The Soleil Collection, supporting The New York Botanical Garden’s work in plant research and conservation, horticulture and education, from Tea Forté. (Photo: Courtesy of Tea Forté)

Tea Forté continued its partnership with The New York Botanical Garden for a third collection featuring classic artwork from the garden's archival prints. The new Soleil Collection features aromatic tea blends packaged in a striking floral homage to spring's bounty. The packaging and imagery was inspired by “the warmth of the spring sun that nurtures the fruits, flowers and tea leaves of Soleil.”

Sales of the Soleil Collection help support The New York Botanical Garden’s work in plant research and conservation, horticulture and education.

“The Soleil Collection is a revitalizing assortment of delicious, abundant blends perfect to celebrate the advent of spring," said Jill Piscopo, vice president of product development and marketing for Tea Forté. "Soleil is designed to honor the awakening of nature, featuring five organic tea blends in a carefully curated collection which is as beautiful as it is delicious."

Blends in the Soleil Collection include:

Darjeeling Quince – An organic black tea featuring a citrus, quince, and hibiscus blend balance.

Cherry Blossom – A joyous pairing of tart cherries, flowers and organic green tea.

Wildflower Honey Citrus – A sweet, delicate organic green tea with notes of honeyed citrus, spring flowers.

Vanilla Rose – A medium-bodied organic white tea highlighted by sweet vanilla, complementary floral notes.

Wild Berry Hibiscus – An organic herbal berry tea blend brightened by hibiscus and rosehip.

Selections from the Soleil Collection include a Gift Set, featuring a Petite Presentation Box and limited-edition pale yellow Café cup and tea tray (MSRP $49); Presentation Box featuring 20 infusers (MSRP $34); Petite Presentation Box featuring 10 infusers (MSRP $22); 15-serving Single Steeps Sampler (MSRP $20); and a KATI Loose Tea Steeping Cup with Stainless Steel Infuser (MSRP $20).

To learn more, visit TeaForte.com.