mymuse Enhanced Teas and Waters Launch with the D'Amelio Family

Serial beverage entrepreneur and brand architect, Lance Collins – known for launching iconic brands such as Fuze Tea, NOS Energy, CORE Water, BodyArmor and ZenWTR – launched mymuse Organic in partnership with the D'Amelio family.

The D'Amelio family – including Marc, Charli, Dixie and Heidi D'Amelio – is a social media powerhouse with more than 250 million combined followers.

Available online and in select retailers nationally, mymuse is a line of organic immunity-supporting enhanced teas and waters that were developed at the height of the pandemic and created to deliver “inspiration, positivity and immunity support.”

The USDA-certified, organic mymuse beverages contain ingredients that are known to contribute to better health and immunity support, including clinically proven amounts of zinc as well as elderberry and antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.

Amplifying Their Mission and Beverages on TikTok

The brand's mission to inspire consumers will be amplified by its TikTok star partners – the D'Amelio family. In fact, Marc, Heidi, Dixie and Charli D'Amelio partnered with mymuse upon hearing of its mission to not only support consumers in their pursuit of a healthy life, but in pursuit of their passions on their own terms.

“I was immediately drawn to mymuse's mission to help people pursue what inspires them and encourage them to do whatever it takes to get there,” said Charli D'Amelio, mymuse partner and social media influencer, whose family is featured on a new series on Hulu called The D’Amelio Show.. “I feel very fortunate to be a creator myself who took a nontraditional route, so naturally, I loved the idea of getting involved with mymuse and helping others do the same, while supporting overall health so that nothing gets in their way.”

In tandem with its product launch, mymuse and the D'Amelio family are also launching “The Inspiration Foundation,” a program that will award a total of $100,000 to creators over the remainder of 2021, helping to remove financial barriers to achieving their dreams. To apply to receive the funds, consumers will need to create a TikTok that illustrates their passion, showcasing mymuse in the video. After the entry period, the D'Amelio family will select the five winners from a field of finalists. Details on the contest, including rules and eligibility are available at the company’s website.

The five lucky recipients will receive $20,000 each to pursue their creative aspirations. In addition to the monetary prize, winners will be brought into the D'Amelio fold, benefitting from mentorship and access to a professional network, such as coaches, teachers, agents and more, that will help them bring their dreams to fruition. They'll each also get to select a creative arts charity that will receive a donation from mymuse in their names.

Consumers Are Looking for ‘Better-for-you Options’

Much of the impetus for creating mymuse for entrepreneur Collins was to meet the ever-evolving needs of consumers, especially since the start of the pandemic.

“Today's buyers are looking for better-for-you options that support a mission larger than themselves,” said Collins. “This is why we created mymuse. We want to meet the consumer demand for immunity-supporting options, without compromising taste or ingredients, as well as bring more positivity into the world where we can. The D'Amelio family recognized this in mymuse's mission to support creators and knew immediately that it would speak to their audience. We are incredibly grateful for their support in helping us spread the word about mymuse and The Inspiration Foundation – they really embody the sentiment that if you put your mind to something, nothing can hold you back.”

mymuse is low sugar, low calorie and focuses on flavor. The line consists of five flavors of enhanced water, including Watermelon, Blueberry Pom Açai, Blood Orange Citrus, Coconut Colada and Peach Mango, plus five flavors of enhanced tea, including Lemon Black Tea, Lemon Honey Green Tea, Peach Black Tea, Raspberry Green Tea and Sweet Black Brewed Tea.

Moreover, mymuse organic bottles have 40 to 45 percent less plastic than leading competitors and are BPA free and 100 percent recyclable, according to the company. The functional line of immunity-supporting beverages retail for $2.49 per bottle nationally at Sprouts Farmers Markets and across select retailers in New York with additional national retailers rolling out in 2022.

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