HEMPtea: Trending as a CBD Alternative

The Tea Can Company  – a purveyor of premium, hand-selected teas in a variety of flavor blends – launched a new line of CBD infused tea, called HEMPtea, which the company said is trending as a CBD alternative.

According to The Tea Can Company, the new teas are ideal for customers who are seeking a natural alternative for relief from discomforts – including headaches, joint pain, anxiety and cancer treatments.

Donna McCafferty, founder of The Tea Can Company, said, “I know so many people who seek CBD oil and other CBD products to help with a variety of issues, including myself, but it isn’t always easy deciphering between all the CBD products out there. I wanted to find a solution, so we created our high-quality, THC-free CBD teas in our HEMPtea line.”

The Tea Can Company noted that some studies have shown that CBD can help relieve symptoms due to illnesses and other health issues, such as reducing inflammation associated with chronic pain, lessening anxiety and depression, and alleviating symptoms from cancer treatments such as nausea, vomiting and pain.

HEMPtea Flavors

HEMPTea – available in mild and high strength – is produced from a combination of tea leaves of varying types that are infused with THC-free, non-psychoactive CBD. The tea leaves are then steeped in hot water to extract the flavor and beneficial components of the tea. Flavors include:

High Strength
- Sweet Relief Caramel Black Tea
- Joint Therapy Ginger, Turmeric, Pineapple Green Tea
- Garden Therapy Herbal Tea (Caffeine free)
- Healing Elderberry Herbal Tea (Caffeine free)

Mild Strength:
- Berry Healthy Green Tea
- Chamomile Comfort Herbal Tea (Caffeine free)

- Apple Cinnamon Rooibos Herbal Tea (Caffeine free)

Hand Blended, Packed in the United States

Founded in 2011, The Tea Can Company began as a class project when McCafferty was an art student at Kutztown University in the 1980s. Today, The business sources its premium, all-natural and organic tea leaves from around the world, which are hand blended and packed in the United States.

The Tea Can Company

The company’s signature tea sachets are made of 100 percent biodegradable, plant-based material, and they offer more than 40 flavors of tea in a variety of price points and packaging – including mini tins, skinny tins, tall tins, kraft bags, tie bags, organza bags, specialty gift boxes and care packages.

The Tea Can Company also welcomes wholesale orders, and offers private labeling options for businesses, nonprofits, corporate gifts, souvenirs, bridal favors and more.

To learn more, visit TheTeaCanCompany.com or Amazon.com via their La Tea Dah store.