Perspective: How the Fitness and Tea Industry Fit Together Like Puzzle Pieces

The tea industry is experiencing growth and innovation in many ways, and new consumers are discovering the wonders of tea on a daily basis. In fact, there’s an evolving narrative surrounding tea, tea trends and the health benefits of tea, and it’s all unfolding within the fitness industry.

Fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, gym owners, entrepreneurs and others in the wellness industry understand that tea can offer many benefits to help an athlete’s fitness journey, and many fitness experts encourage tea as part of an overall health and wellness regime.

As an expert in the fitness industry, I know that tea and wellness can go hand-in-hand, and many of the health benefits are well documented and continue to be researched. Yet, what is the tea industry doing to work with the fitness industry? It almost seems like a missed opportunity for businesses and leading brands from the tea community.

Tea and Health Benefits - Tea and the Fitness Industry
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Strategies and Inspiration for Engaging the Fitness World

Tea is tightly connected to fitness, but these two industries need to do a much better job of working together.

For businesses and brands in the tea industry to become more integrated with the fitness community, they should try one or more of the following strategies, or come up with their own creative ideas.

1. Partner With Fitness Associations

Member businesses of fitness associations are looking to reliably improve the health and fitness of their customers or the people they work with. One of the first steps for a successful tea/fitness collaboration could be to form a meaningful partnership with an association. This venture could promote holistic wellness that highlights the role of tea within a fitness-centric lifestyle. You could also participate in their events as a speaker or exhibitor, sponsor or contribute to their newsletters or publications, advertise on their website, write articles for their blog or website, look for partnerships with members of the association, etc. I’m sure there are many more possibilities that have not been explored by any tea company in this area.

2. Sponsor Fitness Events

Another way you can get fitness lovers to pay attention to your tea brand is by sponsoring fitness events in your community or on a national scale.What makes this such a great plan is that you can easily target a health-conscious demographic like fitness enthusiasts and athletes, who are already receptive to health-focused habits such as drinking tea.You could sponsor or participate in fitness boot camps, yoga retreats, marathons or “fun runs,” all of which usually emphasize holistic wellness.Consider offering tea during breaks at these events, or incorporate tea into the morning or evening rituals at an event, which can help integrate the tea brand into the experience. You could even talk about the health benefits of tea.Competitions, such as triathlons, are another avenue to expose your tea brand to a large fitness audience. Just remember that there are lots of options. Depending on the season, a fitness tea booth could serve chilled, green tea in the summer, ensuring the participants are hydrated, or they could offer aromatic teas for comfort and warmth in colder months.

3. Collaborate With Fitness Brands

When you merge two brand names, you create innovative products and campaigns. For instance, think about a line of fitness wear branded with both your tea brand logo and the fitness brand – symbolizing the new partnership. Perhaps it’s packaged with an on-the-go tumbler for brewing tea, as well as a special tea blend that was created with the fitness wear brand.

Another fantastic collaboration idea is challenges. Over the last few years, trendy challenges have overtaken the Internet like the 12-3-30 treadmill challenge. These are an amazing opportunity as the fitness industry loves its fitness challenges. If the tea industry or individual tea companies could position themselves to be adjacent to one of these challenges, there could be massive benefits for everyone.

Maybe your tea brand could organize a monthly fitness challenge with a fitness company, where the winners or participants can win exclusive tea products or subscriptions. If you manage to do it right, you might be able to create a buzz around tea.

These are just some simple ideas to inspire your tea business to work with the fitness industry.

Tea and Health Benefits - Tea and the Fitness Industry
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Connect Two Common Industries in the Health Space

Given tea's many health benefits, there’s a strong chance that beneficial partnerships could be formed between the tea and fitness industries. However, success depends on how the two industries navigate their partnership. Unique ideas are needed to connect these two industries that have a lot in common in the health space.

In the future, I can see many tea companies partnering with established fitness brands, sponsoring events to increase visibility, and even launching co-branded wellness products… but it all boils down to execution.

Mike Hamlin, of EverFlex Fitness, has been in the fitness and training industry since 2008. His personal training philosophy is anchored in developing an effective mindset: Once you have a solid mental foundation to commit to fitness, you can achieve greater fitness goals. He believes that when you develop the mind, you can develop the body. Hamlin’s expertise covers athletics, rehabilitation, fat loss, nutrition, awareness and mindset. He’s written content for Everflex Fitness, such as “The Best Green Teas for Weight Loss.” He’s also interested in the functional food and beverage movement and continues to deepen his knowledge. He holds a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, in addition to numerous certifications. To learn more about EverFlex Fitness, visit

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