Starbucks and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Debut New Refreshing Teas

Coffee Bean & TeaLeaf Introduces Cold Brew Tea Ice Blended Drinks

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Adds New Cold Brew Ice Blended Teas: Mango Sunrise & Raspberry Sunset (Photo/Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)

In June, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf introduced two new limited-edition first ever cold brew iced teas: Mango Sunrise Ice Blended Tea, and Raspberry Sunset Ice Blended Tea, which were announced in a company press release.

  • Mango Sunrise Ice Blended Tea is a blend ofbrisk cold brewed tea layered with vanilla and tropical mango and then toppedwith whipped cream and mango syrup.
  • Raspberry Sunset Ice Blended Tea is brisk coldbrew tea mixed with vanilla and raspberry flavors and finished off with atopping of whipped cream and a drizzle of raspberry syrup.

Both beverages are lovely summertime treats.

"The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf was the firstglobal retailer to offer cold brew tea," said Nurit Raich, seniordirector of product innovation, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. "Weare proud to build on our history of breakthrough beverages. Our first-everCold Brew Ice Blended Teas will send your taste buds right into summer withtropical sweet flavors, combined with crisp, refreshing tea."

The teas will be available for purchase through August 27.

Starbucks Offers 3New Tea Lemonades

Teavana Blueberry Black Tea Lemonade (Photo/

Global coffee and tea retailer Starbucks has just addedthree Teavana tea lemonades to its menu, reported Popsugar.The three new flavors are: Blueberry Black Tea Lemonade, Guava White TeaLemonade, and Peach Green Tea Lemonade. 

  • Teavana Blueberry Black Tea Lemonade combinesTeavana black iced tea with lemonade and blueberry flavored fruit juice. Then,a hint of liquid cane sugar is added for sweetness and the beverage is shakenwith ice.
  • Teavana Guava White Tea Lemonade is a blend of TeavanaWhite Iced Tea, lemonade and a guava-flavored juice blend. Liquid cane sugaradds sweetness. Then the drink is chilled with ice and shaken.
  • Teavana Peach Green Tea Lemonade begins withgreen iced tea, then lemonade is added along with a peach-flavored juice blend.A touch of liquid cane sugar is added and then it is shaken with ice.

Unlike some of Starbuck’s other coffee beverages, which cancontain upwards of 400 calories, these refreshing tea lemonades all contain 130calories or less.