New Functional Teas and Matcha Latte Infusions

(Photo by Bigelow Tea)

Bigelow Tea Adds toits Benefits Line

(Photo by Bigelow Tea)

The Fairfield, Connecticut-based Bigelow Tea Company has justexpanded its functional Benefits collection with the addition of three new teablends, bringing the collection to ten, reported a company pressrelease. The new blends are formulated with herbs and spices tosupport a healthy lifestyle and have names denoting their intended purposes:Stress Free, Focus, and Lean and Fit.  

  • StressFree is a relaxing blend of mint and rose, Skullcap, Tulsi Leaves andPassionflower. Skullcap has traditionally been utilized for its relaxingproperties, and tulsi is an adaptogenic herb associated with anxiety relief.
  • Focusis an energizing blend of black tea and moringa, along with ashwaghanda andturmeric that is meant to support mental clarity along with anxiety reduction. Thecompany describes the flavor as “bold” with “earthy notes.”
  • Lean andFit blends oolong with grapefruit and lemon notes, as well as yerba mate,parsley and red clover. Yerba mate’s caffeine offers an energy boost, while theparsley and red clover are known for aiding with water retention.

“With today’sgrowing awareness for mindful eating and the need to live a healthy lifestyle,we created these beautiful and flavorful teas to support our bodies naturally,in gentle ways with ingredients you trust,” says Cindi Bigelow, thirdgeneration president & CEO. “Like all Bigelow teas, the Benfits line is made with exceptional care under the careful watch of theBigelow family tea blenders right here in the USA. Just one sip and I believeyou’ll want to make each of these teas a part of an everyday routine that helpsyou define the life you want to live!” 

Other blends in the Bigelow Benefits line are: Stay Well (Lemon& Echinacea Herbal Tea), Sleep (Chamomile& Lavender Herbal Tea), Calm Stomach (Ginger& Peach Herbal Tea), Refresh (TurmericChili Matcha Green Tea), Radiate Beauty (Blueberry& Aloe Herbal Tea), Balance (Cinnamon& Blackberry Herbal Tea), and Good Mood(Chocolate& Almond Herbal Tea).

Jade Leaf MatchaIntroduces Matcha Latte Infusions

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San Francisco, California-based Jade Leaf Matcha has justlaunched its new Matcha Latte Infusions, reported PackagingStrategies. The healthy blends of matcha and adaptogens areavailable in four functional flavors: Glow, Protect, Think, and Balance.

  • Glow combines matcha and bovine hide collagenand organic biotin (from Sesbania leaf), to support skin, hair and nail health.
  • Protect is matcha with anti-inflammatory mix ofturmeric, ginger, cardamom cinnamon and black pepper that aids digestion.
  • Think utilizes matcha along with lion’s mane andcordyepts—functional mushrooms believed to support cognitive function,according to the company’swebsite. Ginger root enhances the flavor.
  • Balance is formulated with matcha, acacia fiber,inulin fiber ginger and probiotic (Bacillus subtilis DE111) to supportdigestive and immune health.

All of the blends are made with California Certified Organic Farmers(CCOF) certified organic Japanese matcha and packaged in .25 ounce packets. Thecontents of each packet can be combined with dairy or non-dairy milk, whiskedor shaken and enjoyed hot or cold.