Tea Retailer Finances Yazidi Refugee School

An organic and Fair Trade certified tea retailer in Northeastern Ohio is making news for its humanitarian efforts on behalf of refugees. WTN151209_StorehouseTea_Refugees_School House TeaStorehouse Tea already employs several Rwandan refugees on its packaging team and is currently partnering with Back to Jerusalem to produce a special blend called School House Tea. Proceeds are being used to construct a school in Northern Iraq for the Yazidi children displaced by ISIS, the self-styled terror Caliphate responsible for killing thousands of Yazidis. The school will be located in a Yazidi refugee camp. “It's a beautiful thing to watch our refugee employees assemble the Back to Jerusalem teas to help other refugees in Iraq," said Paula Hershman, president and founder of Storehouse Tea. "With this move, not only will we have the ability to produce and distribute more tea, we now have the opportunity to be even more involved in the community.” School House Tea comes in four flavors: Yunnan Black Tea, Cinnamon Plum Berry, Pu-erh Green Tea and Ginger Lime Rooibos. Teas sell for $11.50 for 2.5 ounces. The company, which offers 50 teas, recently relocated to the historic Hildebrandt Building in Cleveland. Back to Jerusalem is a mission of the Christian Chinese Church to evangelize the unreached peoples of the eastern Chinese provinces west to Jerusalem. The movement was founded in the 1920s. Learn more: www.storehousetea.com Source: Storehouse Tea