The Tea House Times and SerendipiTea Collaborate on New Tea Blend

In celebration of ten years in publication, The Tea House Times has created an extraordinary tea blend for exclusive distribution through SerendipiTea, a New York based importer/manufacturer established in 1995 specializing in premium tea and tisane and small batch blends. The tea is available for purchase and is meant to be used and enjoyed by all people for all types of celebratory occasions. THTTeaCelebration Jasmine is the name of the tea and is described as a celebratory tea of extraordinary quality and taste for all occasions when only the best will do. It is an exclusive blend created by The Tea House Times in collaboration with SerendipiTea.  The blend is an all organic green tea blend of Jasmine Pearls, Rose Petals, and Cornflower Petals. The Tea House Times did not plan to create this tea; rather, it came into existence through an educational exploration of Tea Blending that was planned as a feature blog/vlog for “A Day in My Shoes” which is the brainchild of Gail Gastelu, founder and publisher of The Tea House Times.  “A Day in My Shoes” features tea industry professionals through experiencing a day in their shoes. Gail must put herself in their shoes for the day and learn what makes any job in the tea industry unique and special.  On the day the tea was created, Gail had spent time blending tea with Linda Villano, co-founder/president at SerendipiTea, in Manhasset, New York. The educational tea blending experience and creation of Celebration Jasmine is featured at through A Day In My Shoes Episode 11 and may be found by clicking these links for Part 1 and Part 2. Tea blending is not a simple process and does not happen instantaneously. You must have the proper tools and ingredients and you must know each of the ingredients to be able to put things together.  You must be familiar with flavor profiles, aroma and visual appeal and must have a reason to include each ingredient in the blend.  Color, texture, and aroma must all be in proper balance as well. SereLogo350When asked what it was like to work with Gail for a day in her shoes, Linda Villano replied, “What a pleasure it was working with Gail on this very personal project. She followed her instinct and heart and drew on her tea know-how to create a truly special blend. Gail’s enthusiasm is infectious!” Gail stated that the tea will be used for party favors when she celebrates The Tea House Times tenth anniversary with family this December. She said, “I also want the tea to be appreciated by others and made available for all sorts of celebrations. It has been packaged into compact tins with clear lids creating a visually stunning treat for anyone to purchase for party favors but is also available in a larger package size and in bulk for tea businesses, shops, restaurants, party planners, and botanical gardens to name a few. The fact that all ingredients are organic is a real bonus! Each serving provides multiple steeps revealing a different character with each steep. What I find so interesting is that the first steep reveals a light rose fragrance and surprising bit of sweetness. With additional steeps the rose dissipates and the jasmine sings." 10yrrev Sample tastings of Celebration Jasmine will be offered to the tea trade in The Tea House Times booth at World Tea East in Atlanta, Georgia, October 20-22, 2013 and to consumers at the Coffee and Tea Festival in Philly/Oaks, Pennsylvania November 2-3, 2013.  The tea will be available for purchase year round at SOURCE: The Tea House Times