‘Sips By’ Tea Subscription Receives Highest Ranking from Top Consumer Reviews

Tea subscription services from companies like Sips By, coupled with on-the-go tea ware, make it easier for consumers to enjoy tea every day. Photo by: Daria Kulkova / Bigstock.com.

Top Consumer Reviews gave its best-in-class 5-star rating to Sips By, an award-winning retailer of membership-based tea clubs or subscriptions.

Other companies on the list include (in order from second place to seventh): Art of Tea, Plum Deluxe, Amazing Clubs, Simple Loose Leaf, The Whistling Kettle and Teabox.

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Based out of Austin, Texas, Sips By is a female-founded and led startup that makes discovering tea fun, personalized and affordable.

The Sips By Box is the only multi-brand, personalized tea subscription box. Each month, the club matches tea drinkers across the United States with delicious teas from more than 150 global tea brands.

“There are many fantastic Tea Clubs available today, but only one that takes the time to learn your tastes and send you varieties you’ll love. That company is Sips By,” said Brian Dolezal, president and CEO of TopConsumerReviews.com, LLC.

“To get started [with Sips By], you’ll take an online quiz that determines what kinds of tea most interest you, such as caffeinated or decaf, citrusy or savory, and so on,” explained Dolezal. “You can also indicate how strong your preferences are, so that Sips By can send you some teas outside of your preference profile if you’re willing to explore a little. Each monthly delivery comes with four premium teas – yielding at least 15 cups, more if you re-steep the tea – sourced from 150 of the world’s best brands.”

Dolezal noted that Sips By is affordable for consumers at $15 a month, with no extra cost for shipping, and customers can choose plans ranging from a single month to a full year. “We absolutely love how this company takes the time to get to know their subscribers, delivering an unparalleled tea-sampling experience right to their doorsteps,” he said. “In 2020, Sips By gets our highest recommendation among providers of tea clubs.”

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