Shark Tank Investors 'Wake the F**k Up' for Snarky Tea

Wake the F**k Up! That got your attention. Another attention-getter is Snarky Tea “Chief Snark Officer” Jenni-Lyn Williams, who recently accepted $150,000 from Shark Tank’s Bethenny Frankel and Kevin O’Leary for a 25 percent equity in her company following her Nov. 5 appearance on the popular ABC TV show. The fledgling company sells a range of six tea blends with descriptive names such as Calm the F**k Down (a low caffeine coconut, Caribbean fruit rooibos), Get Your Sh*t Together (lemongrass and ginger snap green tea to “ease your hangover so you can focus on issuing apologies”), and Wake the F**k Up (a powerful blend containing Yerba Mate, a natural stimulant). Williams started the company, which currently sells online (shipping to the U.S., Canada, U.K. and Australia) and at select retail partners throughout North America, following a doctor’s advice to reduce her caffeine intake. Knowing very little about tea, she sought something that would have the same effect as the six-plus daily cups of coffee she relied on to get through the day. As a self-described snarky lady with a busy life, kids and a bold personality, she wanted a tea that got straight to the point: Tired? Drink this! Hungover? Drink this! Not finding what she needed, she set about creating it herself. And the rest, as they say, is history … “Our blends were meticulously created to match their names, deliver on their promise AND taste amazing,” says Williams, who recommends calling your doctor if you don't like the tea (or a guaranteed refund/exchange). A high-end product—each creatively packaged canister contains 15 sachets and costs $12.99 (or $69.99 for all six). Snarky Tea sources from several tea-growing regions, blends in the U.S. and packages in Philadelphia. Learn more: Shark Tank Season 9, Episode 8, Snarky Tea