New Cuzen Matcha System Is Gaining Attention from Leading Chefs, Hoteliers

Cuzen Matcha announced its official launch, making it possible to easily enjoy the superior flavor and health benefits of freshly ground matcha at home.

Cuzen’s award-winning freshly ground matcha making system is currently available to order at Cuzen Matcha comes to market on the heels of a successful Kickstarter campaign, where it achieved 235 percent of its funding goal, and it has already amassed a number of technology and design awards as well as rave reviews from some of the country’s top chefs and hoteliers, including Tartine’s Chad Robertson and SingleThread’s Kyle Connaughton.

Cuzen Matcha’s maker and matcha leaf have been designed to work together to deliver the highest quality matcha drinking experience. The tea leaves are specially prepared to fit the compact ceramic mill, which produces a fine matcha powder that’s then automatically whisked into water, recreating the ancient art of stone ground Japanese matcha.

“Unlike matcha you may have made at home or ordered at a cafe, freshly ground matcha has a fresh, rich umami flavor and is higher in antioxidants than pre-ground matcha, which oxidizes quickly,” explained Eijiro Tsukada, co-founder and CEO of Cuzen Matcha. “With the anxiety of COVID, working from home and distance schooling, matcha’s calm, longer-lasting energy boost is a welcome alternative to coffee’s energy spike and crash. Matcha, which combines caffeine and l-theanine, offers an uplifting and healthy way to sustain focus and energy while enhancing physical and mental health.”

People can enjoy this versatile drink in a hot or iced latte, with sparkling water, mixed in a mocktail or cocktail – or just straight. Cuzen Matcha has already won the Future of Foods Award at San Francisco Design Week Awards 2020, was a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree and was longlisted for the 2020 Dezeen Awards.

"Our team of chefs and sommeliers was so incredibly impressed by the flavor of Cuzen Matcha,” said Kyle Connaughton, chef and owner of SingleThread. “The pure expression of the tea is amazing and it's an outstanding way to taste matcha the way it's meant to be enjoyed. We look forward to featuring the Cuzen system in our inn rooms for our guests to enjoy.”

Founded with the vision of sharing authentic matcha with people everywhere while establishing a sustainable tea production ecosystem in Japan, Cuzen carefully sources its shade-grown organic leaves from independent tea farms in Kagoshima prefecture.

Cuzen’s products and packaging were designed to reduce waste, with one 20 gram packet of tea producing up to 20 cups of prepared matcha. Also, due to the unique nature of drinking matcha, there are no leftover grounds or bags to dispose of afterward.

“We’re committed to building more sustainable and equitable systems in the Japanese tea community,” continued Tsukada. “From encouraging more farms to transition to organic farming practices to ensuring skilled farmers have greater financial stability amidst Japan’s increased domestic demand for lower quality tea, we seek to create a healthier, more harmonious world, one cup of freshly ground matcha at a time.”

The Cuzen Matcha Starter Kit system is currently available to purchase for $369. The Starter Kit includes the Cuzen Matcha Maker, one Premium Matcha Leaf Packet (enough for up to 20 cups of prepared matcha), and two Signature Matcha Leaf Packets (enough for up to 40 cups of prepared matcha). Individual matcha leaf refill packets are also available now. In November, Cuzen will introduce a matcha leaf subscription feature, allowing matcha lovers to customize recurring orders and enjoy a 15 percent discount.

World Matcha Inc., the creator of Cuzen Matcha, is a California-based tea company and food-tech startup founded by Eijiro Tsukada and Oki Hatta (CPO) in January 2019. World Matcha’s mission is to bring authentic matcha into people’s daily lives with ease and an open mind.

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