Matcha Appears at Dunkin’ and in Energy Drinks

(Photo credit: Dunkin’)

Dunkin’ Debuts Matcha Lattes

(Photo credit: Dunkin')

Canton, Mass.-based Dunkin’,formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts is now offering matcha lattes. The company sourcesits matcha from the Nishio region from Japan’s Aichi prefecture, known for its morethan 800 years of top quality matcha cultivation.

The matcha latte was initially introduced for a limited time inSpringfield, Mass. and Phoenix, Ariz. where it immediately became a customerfavorite. Beginning Feb. 26, the matcha latte became available across theUnited States at participation Dunkin’ restaurants reports a company pressrelease.

Dunkin offers the options of dairy milk or almond milk and can beprepared hot, iced or frozen so the vibrantly green and subtly sweet beveragecan be enjoyed year-round.

Accordingto Paul Racicot, Director of GlobalCulinary Innovation at Dunkin' Brands, "Whether you're an avid MatchaLatte drinker or are trying it for the first time, guests can expect anauthentic, quality experience with Dunkin's Matcha Lattes. We're excited tooffer millions of Americans a delicious new way to run on Dunkin' thatperfectly matches the iconic brightness and energy that they know and love fromour brand."

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MatchaBar Rebrands Hustle Lines

MatchaBar Hustle Sparkling Peach (Photo credit: MatchaBar)

In January, MathchaBar rebranded its Hustle beverages, changing the label to include the company name—denoting the important role matcha plays in the products.

The New York-based company is also now dividing its Hustle beverage collection into two product lines: Hustle Energy and Hustle Tea reports BevNet.

The Hustle Energy line is comprised of two low-sugar flavors: Mint andLemon Lime, and a new peach juice sweetened Peach flavor. Each 12 ounce cancontains 120 milligrams of caffeine.

The Hustle Tea line contains four flavors: Original, Hint of Honey, Mint,and Lemonade.   

The eye-catching rebranding prepares the products for their expansion into Walmart and 300 Sprouts locations initially, followed by distribution into 1,500 CVS locations.

MatchaBar co-founder and CEO Graham Fortgang intends for theproducts to compete with other energy drinks and intends for the Hustle flavorsto become available at college campuses, music festivals and other communityevents to provide a healthier alternative to the energy drinks that contain taurine,reports BevNet.

The company also launched a direct-to-consumer subscription service inJanuary.

Visit MatchaBar Hustle on Instagram at @Hustle.