Exploring Indonesian Tea at World Tea Expo 2015

At every World Tea Expo there are particular trends that are predicted. It was no surprise to see quite a bit of matcha. Matcha has been grabbing many headlines lately, particularly in New York, as the hip drink of choice. There were the up-and-comers, the newest gadgets and the well-established favorites from India, China and Japan and popular American importers/distributors. But then there were surprises, particularly when we talk origin.
Chariteas Indonesian White Tea
On the Expo floor I spoke with Lisa Boalt Richardson of Lisa Knows Tea about Indonesia. Richardson is the author of several tea books including the newly released “Modern Tea,” but she also recently served as the on-board tea expert and educator for a Holland America cruise through Australia, Bali, Java, and Jakarta. She said that since returning from her trip she has been on the hunt for Indonesian tea. Surprisingly, tea from this region seemed to be on the rise at World Tea Expo this year. Chariteas of Sandy, Ore. was at World Tea Expo for the first time. While her online shop offers teas from many regions, her WTE2015 offerings were all about Indonesia. They included Java White Tips, Grey Dragon, and a TGFOP and a GBOP from Dewata Estate. IMG_7428P.T. Harendong Green Farm was there representing its Arum Tea Organic. The Harendong tea farm is located near Halimun Mountain in West Java. The Arum offerings included a green, a light oolong, a medium oolong and a black tea. Indonesia wasn’t the only origin grabbing attention this year. Agrícola Himalaya S.A. was drawing lots of eyes with its Bitaco, a tea grown on Colombia’s only tea plantation.