Budding Products: New Bagged Teas

Yorkshire Tea and Biscuits in One Bag

Photo credit: Yorkshire Tea
Taylors of Harrogate recently launched its Yorkshire Tea Biscuit Brew, which combines Rainforest Alliance Certified tea and the flavor of biscuits in a tea bag, reports Metro. In Great Britain, tea and biscuits are so often consumed together that the company decided to combine the two into one beverage. People will no longer have to worry about biscuits falling into their teacups because the biscuit flavor will already be in there, but without the sogginess of a tea-soaked biscuit or messiness of crumbs at the bottom of the cup. Biscuit Brew became available March 18 in boxes of 40 teabags.

PG Tips Launches Tea for Non-Dairy

Photo credit: FoodBev.com
Unilever’s PG Tips just launched two new teas: The Tasty Decaf and Perfect with Dairy Free. Tasty Decaf contains less than 0.2 percent caffeine and has “a rich, fresh and rounded taste,” according to a company press release. Perfect with Dairy Free was formulated specifically for mixing with non-dairy alternative creamers such as almond milk or soy milk. People on vegan diets comprise the targeted demographic for this tea. PG Tips said in a statement: “When the PG tips team spoke to tea drinkers and heard that they weren’t able to get their hands on a great-tasting decaf cuppa, nor a tasty cuppa if they drink dairy alternatives, the PG tips master tea blender, Joyce, got hard to work. She tasted teas from over 20 origins in hundreds of different combinations. The result: two new truly tasty teas.” Both teas entered the U.K. market March 5. A box contains 70 bags.

Tea Forte Introduces Cherry Blossom Festival Tea

(PRNewsfoto/Tea Forte)
Tea Forte’s Cherry Blossom Festival Tea, Hanami, debuted this month on TeaForte.com. It is a blend of USDA Certified Organic green tea, cherries and fragrant flowers. This tea won a silver medal in the 2018 Global Tea Championship. The tea blend is named after the annual Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival and represents hanami, the “flower viewing” season when cherry blossoms bloom throughout Japan. "The hanami custom revolves around gathering together to savor the beauty of the blooming cherry blossom tree," Tea Forté CEO Michael Gebrael said via a company press release. "Inspired by this lovely tradition, this green tea blend is meant to capture the experience of spring in a cup." The cherry blossom pink Hamani Petite Presentation Box contains 20 pyramid-shaped teabags. For those who prefer loose leaf, Hanami Loose Leaf Tea is available in an airtight, recyclable canister. Tea enthusiasts can also purchase a Hanami KATI® Steeping Cup that comes with a stainless steel loose tea infuser and a lid for heat retention. The double-walled ceramic cup’s exterior has a cherry blossom design.