Budding Products: More Matcha Magnificence Hits the Market

Matcha continues to inspire companies to create new beverages.
Specialty Tea News

Make an Instant Latte with Matchaah

Product images (PRNewsfoto/Matchaah, Inc.)
Matchaah debuts its Instant Latte, which comes in three flavors: coconut, chai and chocolate chili spice. Made with premium matcha, the ready-to-mix antioxidant-rich beverage is both beneficial and convenient for those with busy lifestyles. “When I discovered matcha tea, I fell in love with the daily ritual that brought my family together and the functional and nutritional benefits of matcha tea,” Paul Henson, CEO and founder of Matchaah, said via a company press release. “I wanted to share those benefits with everyone, and since most people do not have time for a lengthy tea process, I set out to find convenient ways to make matcha tea more accessible and create a full line of great-tasting and convenient products. I wanted to create different flavor experiences that would entice non-tea drinkers and give current matcha tea drinkers a new experience." Matchaah, Inc. also proudly announced it has gone public and is being traded on the OTC market by the ticker symbol “MCHA”.

Carrington Farms Debuts Matcha Tea Powder

Carrington Farms now has three new powders that are great for blending into smoothies and other drinks: Matcha Tea Powder, Organic Goji Berry Powder and Organic Coconut Protein Blend. The Matcha Tea Powder is made with finely ground Japanese tea leaves that have a “bold and rich flavor” according to a company press release. The matcha powder provides a sustained energy boost.

Adagio Teas Offers Matcha Blueberry Powder

Adagio combines matcha and natural blueberry flavor in its Matcha Blueberry powder. Adagio uses gyokuro tea leaves that were grown in the shade in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, and plucked at first flush. The matcha used is a Samidori cultivar, which is an exceptional grade with its own subtle sweetness. The tea leaf veins are removed the before the leaves are ground into a powder in granite mills. Adagio recommends 1 teaspoon of the Matcha Blueberry powder per cup of hot water.
Menu News

Starbucks Asia Has a Green Tea Yogurt Frappuccino

Refinery29  reports that Starbucks Asia has yet another creative beverage currently being sold only on that continent: the Green Tea Yogurt Frappuccino. This new, colorful drink celebrates summer. It consists of matcha-infused yogurt and green tea syrup that creates a striking dark green-on-light green camouflaged appearance in its clear plastic cup. It is finished off with a topping of green tea whipped cream and matcha powder.