Budding Products: Fogdog Cold Brew, TEAPY Cup

RTD tea news

Fogdog Introduces Cold Brew Teas

Fogdog Cold Brew, a San Francisco Bay Area startup formed in 2016, launched cold brew tea and coffee earlier this year. Fogdog produced the beverages with a hydrodynamic cold extraction process in which fast-moving water at a temperature of 38 degrees extracts rich flavors from tea. “Our unique process creates products that are naturally flavorful, without any additives," Alex Siow, Fogdog founder and managing partner, said in a company press release. The cold brew tea collection includes Golden Oolong and Scarlet Red. Fogdog plans to distribute these cold brews across the U.S. this year.
Tea accessory news

TEAPY Cup Wins Innovation Award

The TEAPY Cup placed in the top three entrants out of 75 at the Great Hospitality Show states a company press release. The versatility and effectiveness of the TEAPY Cup are its strong points. The innovative new cup features a mug with a teabag tidy lid. The lid maintains water temperature for an extended period. The design of the lid also prevents the tea bag's tag from slipping into the water. When tea is finished steeping, the lid can be removed, flipped over and used as a resting place for the used tea bag. After the tea bag disposal, the lid can be placed back on top of the mug to prevent heat from escaping. Send your new product news and other tea announcements to [email protected]