Budding Products: 3 Companies Offer New Functional Teas

Harney & Sons Introduces Tea for Athletes

Photo credit: Harney.com
Harney & Sons launched AthleTea, a new line of three teas formulated for athletes. The flavors are: Go To Goji Recovery Hydration, Get Your Passion Berry Performance Hydration and Orange ManGo For It Performance Hydration Plus. “We are excited to offer a line of teas for athletes and fitness-minded people,” Emeric Harney, marketing manager at Harney & Sons, said via a company press release. “We are proud to partner with the amazing AthleteMinder, who inspired us to create this new product line. Together we are combining world-class tea knowledge, sourcing and production, with the needs of athletes, active people and tea lovers alike.” The company notes the benefits of AthleTea for athletes include aiding in focusing, sustaining energy and in post workout recovery. Tea’s antioxidants can assist the body’s metabolism. AthleTea’s ingredients also support hydration.

Psychic Teaz Launches Energy Tea

Psychic Teaz recently completed its beta testing and debuted on New Year’s Eve  an organic natural energy tea that is free of sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives. Dan Muffoletto, a naturopathic doctor, was inspired to create the herbal tea blend after learning about musicians who had been hard on their bodies to the degree if experiencing memory loss. The tea sells in bulk and in boxes of 20 teabags. Psychic Teaz plans to exhibit at Natural Products Expo West in March.

Lipton Will Have a Wellness Tea Line

Unilever’s Lipton will soon have its own wellness tea line to serve the growing demand of health-consciousness consumers. The tea collection will integrate herbs and essential oils, reports FoodDive. The line will debut in late September and consist of five flavors: Daily Support, Stress Less, Detox, Sooth Your Tummy and Bedtime Bliss. “We know we’re all looking for ways to take care of ourselves,” said George Hamilton, tea director at Unilever. “Essential oils, supplements and herbs are often part of wellness routines, and now we’ve found a way to incorporate them that’s as simple as brewing a tea bag.”