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Snackpass Fuels Presotea's Rapid Expansion with Unified Solution

Presotea, a rising star in the boba tea industry, has been rapidly expanding its footprint across the United States. As the brand scaled, they encountered a series of operational challenges that necessitated a comprehensive solution. Enter Snackpass, a platform that provides a unified ecosystem of beautifully designed hardware and next-gen software tailored for quick-serve restaurants (QSR). This partnership has been a game-changer for Presotea, streamlining their operations and setting the stage for continued growth.

The Challenge

Before partnering with Snackpass, Presotea faced significant hurdles in managing their marketing, online ordering, and in-store systems. These challenges were amplified as they opened new franchises, each requiring a seamless and efficient operational setup. According to Presotea's Franchise Director Anthony Vu, "We were eager for a solution that offered all of these services in one convenient system, as well as a partner that was constantly innovating and looking to grow with us. After meeting with Snackpass, we knew they were the best fit for our brand."

A Unified Solution

Snackpass has addressed these challenges head-on by providing a robust, integrated system that enhances both staff and customer experiences. "Snackpass has been instrumental in addressing our challenges by providing a comprehensive all-in-one system that is both staff-friendly and user-friendly," said Vu. "Their technology is best in class and their software offers robust features for online ordering, loyalty programs, and customer engagement, which have significantly improved our operational efficiency and enhanced the overall customer experience."

Presotea's technology setup now includes a range of Snackpass solutions. Front of House, they utilize Snackpass Self-Serve Kiosks, Duo Registers, Customer Pickup Screens, and Digital Menus. Back of House, the setup comprises Kitchen Display System, Receipt Printers, and Label Printers. Additionally, Presotea increases order volume with online traffic driven through the Snackpass App and their Snackpass Online Ordering page. They are also developing a new custom Presotea App with the Snackpass team. This integrated setup has streamlined their operations across all franchise and corporate locations, ensuring a consistently high-quality customer experience. "As you can tell, we use Snackpass for a lot of things and this convenient setup allows us to effectively run our operations across all franchise and corporate locations while maintaining a consistently amazing experience for our customers," noted Vu.

Growth and Success with Snackpass

The partnership between Presotea and Snackpass has been instrumental in the boba brand’s growth. Leveraging Snackpass's unified system, Presotea has been able to execute successful grand openings, attract and retain new customers, and boost profitability across locations. "The seamless integration of online, front-of-house, and back-of-house tech has allowed us to offer an amazing all-in-one system to our franchises, removing the need to partner with 3 or 4 technology companies at every location,” Vu stated.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Snackpass's technology has not only enhanced operational efficiency but has also contributed to the brand’s customer satisfaction. "Our shared commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction has continued to strengthen the partnership between Snackpass and Presotea. Snackpass technology has had a lasting positive impact on our operation and significantly contributed to our success," added Vu. The user-friendly interfaces and efficient order management systems have led to a better customer experience, which in turn has driven repeat business and customer loyalty. With a built-in loyalty program, marketing campaigns, and a customer chat feature, Presotea has strengthened the relationship with their customers.

Looking Ahead

As Presotea continues to expand across the US, they remain confident that their operations will only get better, and Snackpass technology will continue to evolve and support their growth. The future looks promising for Presotea, thanks to the innovative and comprehensive solutions provided by Snackpass. The unified ecosystem has proven to be the perfect fit for Presotea's growing needs, enabling them to deliver exceptional service and grow their brand in a competitive market.



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