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Nurturing Futures: Discover the Impact of Kenyan tea pluckers and Cup of Joe’s commitment to ensure decent earnings for a thriving tomorrow

In a world where the legacy of Kenyan tea is often diluted by blending with teas from other countries, Cup of Joe, a tea trading company with offices in United Arab Emirates and Mombasa Kenya, stands as a beacon for preserving this heritage.

This deliberate decision to showcase the origin of Kenyan tea and the individuals shaping its production in the global market is a commitment to ensure that when you choose us, you directly contribute to the people who pour their hard work and passion to craft the authentic taste of Kenya.

Beyond the flavourful teas and Kenyan tea by-products, lies a profound connection to the hands that cultivate, the pluckers who delicately harvest, the tasters who discern quality, and our customers who craft the final masterpiece.

Jane's Story, Cup of Joe's Foundation

Meet Jane Chebet, a formidable figure in the quiet expanse of Kenyan tea fields. As the first rays of sunlight kiss the lush landscapes, Jane, like many skilled artisans, begins her daily ritual.

Picture the joy reflected in her eyes as she contemplates the achievements of the previous day – buying her children's school uniforms and books, a direct result of your choice to support Cup of Joe.

Behind the scenes, a contract solidified between Cup of Joe and a leading retailer, secures punctual payments to small-scale farmers for their sustainably sourced tea, all converging to empower Jane. This guarantees that her children - her source of joy, approach education with both dignity and enthusiasm.

Your decision to choose our tea creates this ripple effect. Meaningful moments for Jane’s family.


Cultivating Jane’s dreams through innovation. Explore the untapped potential of Kenyan teas.

The reach of Kenyan tea now extends far beyond what Jane could have imagined. Cup of Joe, recognizing the versatile qualities of this humble leaf, has ventured into realms of innovation beyond traditional consumption.

Consumers are increasingly drawn to natural (plant-based) and functional ingredients, seeking to enhance their overall health and wellbeing. This surge in interest has prompted experimentation with tea as a key raw ingredient across various applications, including food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Picture the unique blend enhancing a revitalizing purple tea infused lemonade, the exquisite taste of black tea dark chocolate bars, the antioxidant-rich essence contributing to a nourishing tea-infused facial serum, and the health-promoting tea extracts fortifying innovative nutraceutical green tea supplements. In each application, Kenyan tea plays a pivotal role in elevating the success of your forward thinking products.


From the simplicity of a tea leaf to extraordinary products, click to explore the diverse offerings we will have at the World Tea Expo, featuring CTC, Orthodox, Green teas, and the unique Purple tea.

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