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Green Pot Tea Introducing Premium Matcha Latte Series in 3 Ways

In the established and fast-growing market of café beverages, we believe it is crucial to have the right ingredients that capture the essence of the taste, sensation and mouthfeel of the drink profile you are selling in your cafes.

At Green Pot Tea, we specialise in creating Matcha Latte drinks which leave customers with an elevated and memorable sensory experience. Our Matcha Latte drinks are distinctive, authentic and delicious. The taste is reminiscent of traditional matcha tea prepared by Japanese tea-masters, and yet for us, we present to you in a modern, delightful way. We do this well in 3 key areas of our expertise:

1. Excellent Ingredients Sourcing

We source our key ingredients, matcha directly from tea producers in Japan. They are the 2nd and 3rd generations of artisan tea producers whose deep knowledge and know-how in their matcha cultivation and tencha processing methods are entrenched in their DNA. For close to a decade now, the matcha ingredient we buy today is of the same consistency and high standards as our 1st initial purchase. Hence, we too offer a very consistent and good quality Matcha Latte to our customers who have onboarded with us.

2. Exciting Flavourings & Blending Formats

We meticulously craft our Matcha Latte series to add depth, complexity and variety to the taste profiles of matcha. We offer Matcha Latte in Original, Yuzu, Sakura and Vanilla flavour. We work together with our flavour house partners to create new flavours and aroma to capture exciting new pairings in the sensory drinking experience.

We offer 3 key product formats that are essential in building blocks for creating your own series of beverages. Our Matcha Latte is available in 3 formats with flexibility of sweetness level and creamy mouthfeel satisfying sensation.

  1. Matcha Latte 2-In-1 premix (Sweetened)
  2. Matcha Latte 2-In-1 premix (No sugar)
  3. Matcha Latte 3-In-1 premix (With sugar, creamer)

Over the years in serving our customers, we have added new flavours, different ingredients (such as cookie crumbs) into the base beverages to help them in their special promotions and marketing. We also help to create new extensions of their café drinks into merchandise products for their branding and revenue growth.


3. Customised Solutions through OEM Manufacturing

We offer customised solutions to cater to your needs and helps to unlock the potential of your existing products range. Our premix manufacturing facility in Malaysia is HACCP certified, GMP certified and Halal certified. Due to our strategic positioning in Asia, we have a good supply of availability of raw materials and a strong network of local food ingredients suppliers and global manufacturers who supply to us in bulk.

At the request of our customers, we have created many other types of beverage products which include chocolate, coconut, coffee, mocha, cookie latte drinks. Our product development team work closely with both old and new customers to scope and design their signature drinks on the menu.

For those interested in exploring the endless possibilities with our Matcha Latte series, talk with our team to request a sample today. Experience the vibrant taste firsthand, and discover how it and our OEM solutions can expand your food and beverage product range.

Contact us at our Green Pot Tea email address [email protected] or call (+65) 98352771.

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