Personalized Water for Drinking or Making Tea Is Now Possible

Pani said that its Pani Source, for personalized water, is a “category creator” that’s innovating at the intersection of technology, health, wellness and sustainability. (Photo: Courtesy of Pani)

Pani, a smart home water appliance brand, introduced the Pani Source, which is now available for crowdfunding. Pani Source is a water personalization system that filters, re-mineralizes and customizes your drinking water (including your water for tea or coffee) with multi-use infusion pods. The three pod categories – Boost, Wellness and Flavor – utilize natural minerals, vitamins and botanical extracts to provide healthy and functional benefits, such as sports hydration, immunity boost and better sleep.

With both the commercial and philanthropic success of the Pani Smart Water Monitor, the introduction of Pani Source continues to further the brand's mission to increase potable water access for the 1.2 billion people in water-stricken communities around the globe, while reducing the world's dependency on single-use plastic.

A New Consumer Experience

Pani said that the Pani Source is delivering a new consumer experience in a post-pandemic reality, where people are making healthier food/beverage choices, and brands are re-imagining the retail supply chain model as more people are making their food and drinks at home.

“Most of us drink a few glasses of water a day, for almost every day that we've been alive,” said Allen Tsai, founder and CEO at Pani. “It's usually an unremarkable experience that we don't think too much about. The mundane oftentimes lulls you into complacency. Six months ago, we set out to re-imagine this ordinary experience. Combining lessons learned from my water volunteer trip in Nepal, with the philosophy that Mother Nature knows best, we set out to make drinking water an extra-ordinary experience. Today, I'm super excited to share with you Pani Source Smart Water System, a water filtration, re-mineralization, and personalization product that will change the way people drink water at home.”

'Category Creator'

Pani noted that its Pani Source is a “category creator” that’s innovating at the intersection of technology, health, wellness and sustainability. The company the product is the world’s first tech-enabled water personalization platform, to dispense hot and cold water on demand at precise temperatures, convenient for tea and coffee brewing.

Some of the features include intelligent filter tracking that reminds consumers when it's time to change the filter or to automatically ship replacement filters via a subscription model. It can also track the total dissolved solids (TDS) of one’s incoming water with an embedded sensor. A mobile app allows users to track pod usage, create custom infusion recipes, monitor water quality, and re-order consumables.

The Pani Source Smart Water System crowdfunding campaign is available at