Part Two: Get to Know These Influential Tea Bloggers

We ended 2020 in somewhat of an “upheaval” of our lives and, for myself, when asked how I’m doing, my standard response is “managing through.” I think it’s fair to believe that in this response, I am not alone. Of course, not much has changed in this New Year, though light can be seen at the bottom of my teacup and a shot in the arm.

In this segment of our “Influential Tea Bloggers” series at World Tea News (you can read Part One here), we asked four bloggers from the tea community (all members of the Tea Bloggers Roundtable) two questions concerning their tea-writing focus today, in the era of COVID-19: What serves as inspiration for finding content in these challenging times? And what questions are your readers/viewers currently asking about tea?

Use this opportunity to learn more about each of these writers and their blog, and seek them on social media to see how they’re making an impact with tea consumers.

Here’s what these influential bloggers had to say:

Carlotta Mariani
Five o’ clock
“In these challenging times, I am still writing articles and social posts about different kinds of teas, their stories, how to brew them and tea trends. In addition, I am also trying to focus my followers and readers’ attention on positive thinking, and I’m proud to say that – with the help of some talented contributors from different parts of Italy and one girl from Japan – we are trying to make people travel through a cup of tea. How? Talking about tea traditions all over the world or matching tea and books. Questions from my readers did not change a lot the last year, but more people have been asking me for information on where to buy tea. In Italy, the consumption of tea, and especially herbal teas, is increasing. Why? The spread of ‘smart working’ could be an answer, but several studies say people are now more interested in healthy food and drink so they consider this ancient beverage a ‘sip of well-being.’”

Alexis Siemons
teaspoons & petals
“When seeking inspiration for content, I turn to Instagram to see what leaders in the culinary and wellness community are sharing and how that could apply to tea. For example, carving out tea rituals to define the start and stop of each day (along with meditation), or being resourceful with cooking by subbing in a steeped herbal blend (when one may be out of chicken stock). And then lastly, I ask questions of my friends, the social media community – what questions do they have about tea. It's really about getting back to the basics and sharing content about how to build a solid tea foundation before moving on to exploring creative tea recipes.

The top 3 questions that my audience continues to pose most often are related to tea recipes that they can make at home (now that their kitchens are their cafes), calming/soothing teas to try during the pandemic, and favorite matcha brands/matcha 101 tips. People are embracing at-home rituals much more and are seeking ways in which to care for themselves (mind, body and taste buds) with premium tea. It is an affordable  luxury that they are willing to invest in.”

Marco Namowicz
“In challenging times such as the present, it is the tea community and their desire for conversations that connect to their lives and the cultures surrounding the leaf that inspires me. Many tea drinkers and enthusiasts take to tea to yield conversations that bridge the gaps in understanding and bring us closer to the stories and lives of others. My readers look for opportunities to reflect with others their perspectives and relationship with tea. Also, they seek opportunities to share their tea journey with others in personal ways such as virtual courses that are geared toward the personal exploration of tea.”

Rachel Carter
“My viewers are eager to learn about my lifestyle and how they may be able to implement some of my best practices. This includes my passion for tea and unique DIY recipes that focus on health and wellness. I have seen a serious increase of interest in people that are ready to take back their health. My passion is to help people see there is a beautiful bond between tea, cooking with your hands, physical activity and mental wellness. Sometimes that may start with a simple cup of tea.”

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