The Next Wave in Tea: Are You Ready to Begin?

Editor’s Note: This article is from the new World Tea Expo white paper, “The Next Wave in Tea: Trends, Issues & Opportunities.” The complimentary report offers valuable insights and advice from some of the top experts and leaders in specialty tea. To download the free white paper, visit:

There may be no better time in the history of time to be in the tea business than right now.

As scientific research continues to validate the health benefits of regularly consuming tea and herbs, consumers are becoming more aware of the need to support a healthy lifestyle. Seniors are a rapidly expanding market with millennials representing the fastest growing segment of tea consumers in the market today.

With all of these emerging markets, opportunities abound for anyone with a passion for tea and basic understanding of business to reach a broad range of consumers in this growing space.

For many aspiring tea entrepreneurs, their love of tea does not always transcend into a knowledge of business – leaving many to wonder where to start.

Ask yourself these nine questions when you are ready to begin:

  1. Whatproducts do I want to sell?
  2. Withso many products on the market how many of each category should I have?
  3. ShouldI only source organic products?
  4. How doI know if my supplier is providing me a fair price?  
  5. How doI set my pricing model to insure my business will be profitable?
  6. Do Iwant to sell products from other suppliers or create my own personal brand?
  7. Whatare the best sales funnels for generating new customers (SEO, Amazon, retail,wholesale, website, restaurants, etc.)?
  8. ShouldI incorporate or can I operate as a sole proprietor?
  9. Whatis the best platform for my website?

Please join me at the World Tea Expo 2019 as I share with you seven steps for building a successful online tea business. I will cover many of the items mentioned, as well as other materials you will need as you take the first step into this exciting and highly profitable journey.

Download the World Tea Expo white paper here:

Dean Jablon is an internationally recognized tea expert, marketing leader and speaker. He advises clients from around the world about the challenges and trends impacting the tea industry. His pragmatic, action-oriented style inspires people to apply common sense and business rigor to launch their online tea business focused on profitability, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. He’s accredited by the World Tea Institute as a Level One Tea Specialist and Certified Tea Sommelier with more than 13 years of experience operating a successful online tea business. Jablon also works on business development at Lifetime Tea. See

7 Steps to Build an Online Tea Business

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