Podcast Delves into Tea Pairings


World Tea Academy Assistant Director of Online Education Lisa Boalt Richardson recently met with former student Ken Cohen and discussed tea pairing in one of his Talking Tea Podcasts: Pairing Tea and…Cheese? This podcast provides insight into which teas complement different foods and reflects the benefits of a World Tea Academy education.

Cohen completed the Essentials of Camellia Sinensis (CORE.01),Understanding the Organoleptic Experience (ADV.02) and Tea Sommelier Essentials(ADV.08) courses.

Modern Tea: A Fresh Look at an Ancient Beverage, by Lisa Boalt Richardson, along with tea, cheese and chocolate. (Photo by Mary Meyer of Cheeses and Mary)

Richardson said, “We refer to the Advanced 2 course a lot because that class goes into the science of why people taste what they taste.” Richardson and Cohen do a tea and cheese pairing during the podcast and talk about why the two pair well together, covering elements such as the astringency of teas and the fat levels in cheeses. “It delves into the organoleptic experience and pairing tips,” said Richardson.

World Tea Academy will offer Understanding the OrganolepticExperience (ADV.02) in July, and Tea Sommelier Essentials (ADV.08) inSeptember. “In the podcast, we talk a lot about what you’re tasting and what’sin your mouth, so it really refers to both classes,” Richardson said.

Understandingthe Organoleptic Experience (ADV.02) was written by Virginia Utermohlen Lovelace,a retired faculty member of Cornell University’s Division of NutritionalScience. The course explains the anatomy of human organoleptic system and howit responds to tea’s components: bitterness, astringency and sweetness. It alsocovers tea’s chemistry and its impact on flavor and the consumer’s experience,as well as how flavors can be modulated. This course will be offered in July. Registration for Julycourses ends June 24. 

TeaSommelier Essentials (ADV.08) was a collaborative effort by key teaindustry leaders who discuss the evolving role of a Tea Sommelier inhospitality and its influence in global tea culture. The course covers theinformation and skills necessary for anyone who aspires to assist culinarymanagers and consumers in making informed decisions about tea. It explores foodand beverage pairing and how to create tea menus for an establishment orinstitution, among other essential skills. This course will be offered inSeptember.