Meet Mim Enck, Global Tea Championship Judge

Mim Enck

Mim Enck grew upin the hospitality field since it was the family business. As an adult, sheleft the corporate world to travel, which led her to the South of France whereshe spent time with Julia Child and Simone Beck. They inspired her to cook withfresh ingredients, including tea. She is currently President of the East IndiesCoffee and Tea Company and feels tea connects many people around the worldwhile calming and lifting the spirit.

  • What sparked your interest in tea? 

Tea has always called, even as a child.  When I married Walter Progner, founder of East Indies Coffee and Tea Company, the tea part of the business was just beginning to blossom.  I decided to embrace this part of the business and felt tea had a way of inspiring, healing and a connectedness to the earth. Being in the tea business created the possibility of connecting with peoples around the world which I truly honored and valued!

  • How/where did you learn about tea? 

My journey of learning about tea was before there were seminars, training sessions etc.  Initially, it was through reading, asking questions, cupping and finally, visiting source countries.  Honestly, this was the most helpful of all. 

  • What are you criteria for judging the iced tea (i.e., quality, color, aroma, taste)? (For the iced tea judges.) 

Honestly, all of the above. Commercial iced tea is a HUGE part of tea consumption in the US. 

  • What kinds of teas do you usually drink and why?

I really enjoy Assams and green tea later in the morning.

  • What is the best time to drink tea?

Honestly, any time. However, having said that, I really enjoy tea in the morning.

  • What is your favorite tea memory?

Being in Assam and having milk tea with toast, butter and jam. Whenever I have this combination, it brings me back to that moment and provides a feeling of delight.