Essay on Modern American Tea History

James Norwood Pratt's Modern American Tea History is a multi-part chronicle of the American Tea Renaissance.


By George Jage

In the modern American tea story, there have been many protagonists, visionaries, and champions, but through it all there has only been one true American tea laureate and that is James Norwood Pratt.  When Norwood approached me about publishing this essay chronicling the significant events in our most recent resurgence of tea consumption in America, we were clearly grateful to be the pulpit for his to speak his prose. But this is only an account from his perspective and could not possibly create a compendium of all the significant contributions and evolutions that have happened in recent decades.  This is why we ask you, our community, to be part of the storytelling.  As a registered user on World Tea News, you can post your comments to each section of the story. Over the next few months, we will release a new section of Norwood’s essay every two weeks until completed.  We are confident you will find Norwood’s work insightful and engaging as always.  But please, help us tell the story of us and as this project unfolds, we will all see what happens together. Sincerely, George Jage, Founder and Director, World Tea Media.

Table of Contents


Part 1: The Archivist & After

Part 2: The Race to the Bottom 

Part 3: The Happy Few

Part 4: New Blood & New Business

Part 5: The Pace Quickens

Part 6: Personal Journeys

Part 7: Health and Happiness