3 French Companies Debut New Teas

Palais des Thes PaysTribute to the Louvre Museum

The du Louvre (Photo by Palais des Thes)

Paris, France-based tea company Palais des Thes hasformulated two new blends inspired by the Louvre Museum to honor of its art,history, architecture and garden.

The Louvre’s blend of Renaissance and modern architecturecombined with the romantic beauty of the Tuileries Garden provided inspirationfor the two new blends: Thé du Louvre Courtyard Tea and Thé du Louvre GardenTea. These novel blends that combine black or green tea with French fruits representboth tradition and originality.

  • Thé du Louvre Courtyard Tea is a mélange of bold black tea that stands for France’s history, with added notes of citrus and blackberry that add an elegant finish to the taste.
  • Thé du Louvre Garden Tea is a mélange of green tea with notes of apple, plum and quince, intended to evoke the feeling of strolling through the Tuileries Garden.

The release of the teas coincides with the 30th anniversary of Pei’s pyramid—an icon on the Louvre’s grounds—and are available on palaisdesthes.com.

Mariage FreresTeahouse Honors Hanami

Sakura 2019 (Photo/www.mariagefreres.com/UK)

World renowned Parisian teahouse Mariage Frereshas a new tea that celebrates the arrival of spring. Its Sakura 2019 tea is amixture of lightly sweet Jardin Premier green tea, and cherry blossomfragrance.

It is packaged in a blue cannister decorated with whitecherry blossoms. Each cannister contains 80 grams of tea.

“Sakura” means “cherry blossom” in Japanese. “Hanami” is thetradition of drinking under a blooming cherry blossom tree and also the termused for Japan’s cherry blossom festivals, which take place throughout thecountry each spring.

Sakura 2019 tea is now available on MariageFreres’ website.

Betjeman & BartonDebut Latte Teas

Betjeman & Barton Chai (Photo/betjemanandbarton.com)

Paris, France-based Betejeman &Barton introduced a brand new family of teas named: the Latte Teas.This collection is meant to be brewed and enjoyed with the addition of eitherdairy milk or nut milk.

The collection offers a broad array of loose leaf teas fromwhich to choose:

  • Black Tea Wulong Milky
  • Chai (also available in tea bag format in a boxof 25)
  • Honeybush Nugat
  • Matcha-Sencha Latte
  • Morning Kick
  • Tesoro

The teas in the collection can be purchased on the company’swebsite.