WTA February 2021 Featured Class - 'Tea Terroir Part 2: India, Sri Lanka, Kenya'

Photo by: mazzzur / Bigstock.com

World Tea Academy – the leading online tea education and certification program from the organizers of the World Tea Expo Conference + Expo and the World Tea Virtual Summit – is gearing up for its February 2021 CORE.04 class on “Tea Terroir Part 2: India, Sri Lanka, Kenya.”

Students can currently save $30 with promo code CORE430 (offer valid through Jan. 25, 2021). Learn more about CORE.04 here.

CORE.04 is the second class in WTA’s exploration of major producing countries and shifts to the south. Students will discover the beauty and characteristics of teas from India, Sri Lanka and Kenya, as they further their review of the world of tea including history and lore.

5 Critical Takeaways Upon Completion of CORE.04:

1. Name the major tea-producing regions of India, Sri Lanka and Kenya and their notable teas.

2. Identify teas from each country and understand their manufacturing processes.

3. Describe the classic characteristics of teas from each of the key tea-growing regions.

4. Discern the difference between the teas of various terroirs of each country.

5. Understand the history of tea in each of these countries and their tea industries today.

Did you miss Tea Terroir Part 1, CORE.03? Learn more here and mark your calendar for CORE.03, taking place during the March 2021 class schedule.

For more information on World Tea Academy, its certification programs and class schedule, visit WorldTeaAcademy.com. And be sure to save $30 on CORE.04 with promo code CORE430 (offer valid through Jan. 25, 2021).