The TEA House Times Unveils NEW Look

The TEA House Times has undergone an impressive re-design to support a growing interest in the enjoyment of tea. Connecting businesses and consumers since 2003, the publication aims to fulfill a passion for tea across many genres. Key features include CUISINE – CULTURE – CONNOISSEUR – CONNECTIONS. The TEA House Times is a bi-monthly publication available both digitally and in print. website provides direct access to each issue, back issues, extensive tea industry news, information, business and consumer-friendly events and activities, and Tea Course education programs online and in person. “T E A. . . it's a comfort thing™,” says Gail Gastelu, owner and publisher of The TEA House Times. “Comfort means different things to different people. Yes, it's the cuppa your grandma served you to make you feel better. Yes, it's something you do socially – the enjoyment of a perfectly brewed cup of tea or full afternoon tea service. Yes, it's something you do for yourself - a break, a little 'me time.' Yes, it is the ultimate power lunch –, to enjoy afternoon tea over business. There is also comfort in the action of learning enough about tea to confidently buy it, serve it, or sell it. People in the business of tea know the comfort that tea brings to their customers and customers appreciate that. 'T E A. . . it's a comfort thing™' - it really is and I am extremely proud of the new look and excited to continue to provide that feel-good connection so many people need.” The TEA House Times launches the new look with its November/December 2015, 13th Anniversary Issue. Cuisine will include foods served at afternoon tea and other culinary creations using tea as an ingredient. Culture will include the style and enjoyment of tea, multi-culturally; focusing on the tea growing regions of the world and unique service. Connoisseur will include educational topics about tea for businesses and consumers. Connections is a word that overall encompasses all that The TEA House Times stands for – bringing the comfort of tea to all people and all types of businesses that find value in providing tea to their customers. There are a few more new tea interest and business insight topics within, but many reader favorite categories remain including Travel, Poetry, Society, Etiquette, Party Ideas and more. An exciting new piece of business interest is a column written by Peter Goggi, president of the Tea Association of the USA, which provides a look into the state of the tea industry.  For further insight into the history of The TEA House Times and the recent redesign, you might like to read or listen to Ms. Gastelu's blog entry here. The TEA House Times' fully automated website encourages self-service to subscribers and advertisers of tea related products or tea service. Subscribers who wish to access current and back issues digitally may self-register via website. If you prefer a print copy, order at Advertisers are encouraged to self-register at The TEA House Times website. A low monthly fee includes an entry level ad in print and online, unlimited press release and event postings on your behalf and many other perks. Color ad upgrades are discounted once in the entry level program and may also be ordered online once logged in. Display advertisers of ¼ page or larger receive a complimentary banner ad on the site's home page as well. To learn more about The TEA House Times publication and related news, education, and services, or to find a tea room, tea speaker, or other tea industry resource, please visit: